White Chocolate

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White chocolate looks and tastes more like a milk bar than a chocolate bar.

How White Chocolate Different from Dark and Milk Chocolate?

Unlike dark and milk chocolate, white chocolate is ivory-colored. It has rich and creamy. White chocolate has sweet and subtle flavor complements other ingredients in baking.

Similar to milk and dark chocolate, white chocolate is made from a blend of milk, cocoa butter, and sugar, and often vanilla or other flavorings. However, unlike dark chocolate, white chocolate does not contain any cocoa solids and does not have strong chocolate flavor. Because white chocolate does not contain chocolate solid, white chocolate has more delicate texture and melt over very low heat.

What are in A Bar of White Chocolate?

When the ingredients of white chocolate are almost similar to other types of chocolate, confectioners produce uses different methods and a slight variation on white chocolate. For example:

  • Some manufacturers uses hydrogenated vegetable and animal fats instead of cocoa butter.
  • In order to add body and consistency, some confectioners add a lot of lecithin and soy.
  • Deodorants are used to mask the strong aroma of cocoa butter.
  • A lot of sweeteners are added.


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