Who needs junk food?

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KFC seem to be in crisis, but other outlets aren't being as profitable as they would like to.However, they keep their premises worldwide to keep their presence among people and for as long as they can afford it.

Who needs junk food?

Having read about KFC crisis has given me a matter of thought about food. These type of outlets and other similar ones expanded the world over and with such an expasion it came obesity, tooth decay and other health ailments when not serious illnesses. Why then people go mad to step in one of these premises at all times?
Youngsters munch on fries and all sort of fried stuff.
Children will go on a tantrum if a parent doesn't want to take them in one of these places.
Whenever they have some cash in their pockets, they'll rush to them to fill in their stomacs in a allegedlly joyous atmosphere and many of them will do this without their parents knowing it, because there are still parents that want their children to eat well.
Many familes will spend fortunes every evening to buy supper for the whole of the family in one of these places. They claim that it's handy and cheaper and more convenient. I call it sheer laziness. Cheaper? Well, not so. With the money they spend to buy supper for the family in any of these outlets, they could buy really good food if they put themselves to cook.
Many people walk in the streets of any town or city in the world, holding a big bag of fried stuff. Disgussting, I'd say. Meals are to be had at a table and preferbly at home.
Let's face it, behind this trend of fast or junk food, there 's politics, especially directed to children and youngsters so as to spoil their palate and to get them swallow down whatever these huge companies want them to swallow in a way that they will be dependant on the most important and necessary human act, that is, eating.
I recall a friend's young son that told his mother that in their home, they had a very old fashined food. The mother became angry, asking him what he meant by "old fashioned food" and the boy replied that at some of his friends' homes, they had all sort of fried things.
So, the boy thought it was old fashioned to eat a variety of fish or meat stews or roasts with good and rich salads.
Another kid told his mother that he wished to go inside Mac's and the mother said to him "All right! Go! I wait for you outside!" Not having money to pay and not wishing to eat on his own, the kid had to go without his whim.
Another used to throw away the apple that his mother wanted him to eat at mid morning at school.
Take children to eat this junk food known as fast one day in and day out and in the future, they won't be able to palate a good stew, roast or salad homely made.
They will be enslaved to what these food companies want to throw at them.
How right Felicity Lawrence (Guardian's food journalist) is when in her book entiled Eat Your Heart Out! she says:that on these days we seem to be better fed than in past times, because we have more food than ever before. However, we are not, because those who controlled food would be able to get us swallow stones. I found the chapter on cerals a really well researched one and worth knowing what we're giving to our children, thinking that manufactured cereals are healthy and very good for them to grow.
My advice should be: Get rid of laziness, Do a good shopping, preferbly in small, local shops and cook your own meals. Get your children used to eat well to avoid them being dependant on such so called convenient food in future.

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