Why Air Drying is better than Blow Drying?

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If you’ve ever held your hair dryer quite close to your neck, you probably know how hot it gets when we style our hair. But have you ever given this a thought: how your fragile strands gets affected by such a high intensity of heat on a quite regular basis?

Just so you know

such frequent and prolonged heating can damage the outer cuticle layer of hair fibers, leaving your strands all frizzy, dry and prone to breakage.

Considering all these problems associated with blow-drying, it is now time to cut the cord and try air-drying your hair. And don’t worry, it will not leave your hair appearing limp or lifeless if you do it the right way.

Try out these tricks and tools to get bouncy and gorgeous looking hair without using the hair dryer. Your scalp and hair will definitely thank you. Air-drying will help you embrace your natural texture and will save you from further damage and cuticle erosion. First, assess your hair texture whether it tends to be soft or coarse when dried. After that, follow these guidelines:

How to Air Dry Fine Hair:

If you have soft and fine hair, build volume in your mane by shampooing twice, conditioning the ends only and applying styling products like beach spray, dry shampoo or mousse that do not contain any oily ingredients. While air-drying your hair, turn your head over and shake your locks a bit. It will lift the roots and will provide a voluminous appearance. Try out Hairfinity Gentle Cleanse Shampoo, it not only cleanse your scalp well but will also provide nourishment and strength to your hair.

How to Air Dry Rough Hair:

If you have dry and frizzy hair, avoid shampooing too much and apply conditioner all over your mane. It is advised to use an oil or cream styling product to put your hair in a proper style and shape. It is also advisable to avoid touching your mane until the styling spray dries, otherwise you’ll get that ugly frizz and will disturb the curl pattern.
Try using Hairfinity Nourishing Botanical Oil, which is a combination of natural and essential oils and vitamins required to moisturize your rough hair.

Don’t know how to deal with your natural texture?

If you have curls and you want to straighten them up without using a heating tool, there are simple hair hacks that can help in getting your required look. You can use Velcro rollers on your wet hair and keep them wrapped until they are completely dried.

The larger the rollers, the straighter your hair will get.

If you want to add waves without using any heating instrument, then try making a double knot with your straight hair. Make a knot on top of your head and the other one in the back. Keep the knots until your hair dries. You will get beautiful waves with more volume and body.

It is recommended by the hair pros to avoid using heating instruments as much as possible. We hope the aforementioned guidelines will help you achieve your desired look.


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