Why Malaria? Neglected Disease

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Malaria is communicable and curable disease, which is still not completely eradicated because of certain reasons, though possible solutions can be used/developed to combat it.


Malaria is one of the serious problems in India and other non-developed countries. The major drug developing companies are not much interested in developing drugs as this disease is not profitable to them as target people are poor and cannot afford costly drugs. Hence, this disease is still lurking. This makes work on the disease interesting.


The issue is not the drugs as several drugs have been developed but they all have side effects. This makes it difficult to administer them safely to all patients. Secondly, no new research is actively pursued by the major research organizations, which leads to slower development of solutions.


A solution from the field of biotechnology can be used, i.e., targeted drug therapy. This can be done by attaching the pro drug to an antibody, liposome, etc. which are specific to the infected cell and hence bind specifically to that cell. This can help in reducing drug side effects and drug amount and increasing its effectiveness.

This technique will leave no residual active drug in system, which will help in preventing drug resistance in the plasmodium. Some of the specific receptor present on the surface of erythrocyte infected by plasmodium is chondroitin sulfate A and Plasmodium falciparum Erythrocyte Membrane Protein 1 (PfEMP1). These receptors can be used as the target sites to which the delivery vehicle like liposome can bind and hence can release the drug only in the vicinity of the infected cell.


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