Why Margarine Is Not Good For You

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If you like butter on bread or other butter friendly food, i think you should have a rethink and go for margarine. However, margarine though a lot better than butter has its own danger.

Margarine a Good Alternative to Butter

Are you one of those that like butter than having margarine on your bread or pastries? You may be doing yourself a lot of harm if care is not taken as it concerns the nutritional facts in butter . You may have been told that margarine is a better alternatives to butter. That is true.However some margarine these days are made from milk which as a result contains some nutritional elements that could impair your health.

Why Margarine is to be Preferred to Butter

Dietician and nutritionist from their findings has told us that butter nutritional benefits is not as good as what you get from margarine. This is because butter contains high level of cholesterol and saturated fats.The reason being that butter is made from animal fats while margarine is made from vegetable oils.Therefore, margarine has no
cholesterol and it is high in unsaturated fat.Which is healthy for the body.

According to the report from the Dept. of Agriculture, we are told that,a tablespoon of butter has almost 100 calories and 11.5g of fat of which 7.3g are saturated fat and 3g are monounsaturated fatty acids.For margarine, it has no cholesterol at all and it contain 2.2g of saturated fat and 5.5g of monounsaturated fat as well as 3.5g of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

I should tell you that saturated fat and monounsaturated fat are healthy fat for your body.

Health Benefits of Margarine

Since margarine has no cholesterol and low in saturated fat, it provides our body with the right amount of fat needed for the vital functions of the body's system.A diet high in cholesterol and saturated fat definitely spell doom as it results in heart diseases.

Margarine because of its low density level of cholesterol, do help to lower the blood pressure and you don't stand the risk of high blood pressure at all.

Bad Margarine

In spite of the nutritional benefits of margarine, yet there are some in the market you need to watch out for. These maragrine are made from milk. If you buy such maragrine,you are at a risk of having high cholesterol and saturated fatty acids in your system. This would of course affect your blood pressure and bring about heart attacks or diseases.

There are also some that has trans fat.Generally trans fat is not good for your body.This is because if you consume trans fat from any of your diet, it brings about heart attacks,heart diseases and other heart problems.And some margarine has trans fat though synthetic and they are real danger to your heart and body overall.

So, next time you are buying margarine at the store, ensure that you check out the labels for the nutritional requirements to know if it made from dairy or has trans fat.

Remember that your health is wealth. So, stay healthy.


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