Why Serving Sizes are So Important

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Many diets and weight loss programs advise you to reduce the serving sizes of meals. But why? Couldn't you just eat healthy foods and stay away from junk. Turns out, no. Find out why.

Why Serving Sizes are So Important

Why are serving sizes so important? Many people find that the reduced serving sizes leave them hungry and unsatisfied after meals, and would prefer to eat healthier and greener foods, but in the same amount that they ate junk food and unhealthy food in. However, there is a reason behind this, and a very good one too.

Weight gain is caused by many things, and each and every one of them have to be considered when going on a diet. Some diets, like the Atkins diet, focus on reducing on aspect of a diet, for example, carbs, or the amount of red meat you eat. While these things can in fact cause you lose weight, many successful diets reduce the sizes of servings in order to reduce the amount of calories and food consumed. The sad truth is that the main reason most people are overweight is because they eat too much in general, not because they eat junk food. Chips and other snacks and pastries are not bad for you when eaten in small doses, but when eating a 5 pound salad all the health benefits are erased simply because of the size of the salad.

Really, in order to successfully lose weight, the only change in diet that should be considered is a reduction in the amount of food that is eaten. While every effort should be made to replace junk food with healthier alternatives, as they make a noticeable difference on your waistline, but that should not be the only change that is made. Cut out a few snacks, stop taking second and third helpings, and try to limit how much you eat in your first, and you'll be losing weight in no time.


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