Why Should we Drink Water?

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Water is life and since our body is almost 90% water we should keep it replenished by drinking clean water every day.This is the healthiest natural beverage available and we should consume it daily.

Clean Drinking Water

There is a new trend in my town of hawkers selling large plastic water bottles in the streets in the evening and lets say that the market has been good. Most people have now found out the importance of drinking water.

Have you drunk some water today and if not here are some of the reasons why you should start right now.

• The food we eat contains some toxins that get in the body and drinking water helps the body gets rid of those toxins.

• When we are hot we drink cold water and it keeps us cool and hot water warms us so the water is good for control of the body temperature.

• The food we eat at times can be very hard to be broken down but drinking water softens it and aids in digestion.

• The body is 90% water so we need to keep drinking water to keep the body hydrated.

• When a doctor prescribes drugs one of the recommendations is to take the drugs with a lot of water as this helps the body to breakdown the drugs to be used easily by the body.

• Water taken before food gives that full filling curbing the appetite so it is important for those trying to loose weight.

• The body produces a liter of mucus everyday to prevent some areas like the nostril and the throat from drying out and the greater percent is made up of water.

• Drinking too much alcohol results in a hangover on waking up but lots of water taken before falling asleep is known to reverse that condition.

• Water soothes the throat when one has a sore throat.

• And finally it’s so good for your skin health and keeps it youthful.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should ensure that you have clean drinking water at hand and if you find it too tasteless you can squeeze in some lemon, vinegar or fruit juice to your satisfaction, just make sure you drink some water today.


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