Why Spirituality is Essential for Life

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Spiritual practices can magically improve our mental health. The article explains the connection between spirituality and mental health.

Overcome Stress with Prayer

In childhood, I was admitted to a Ramakrishna Sarada Mission School. From the very beginning, spiritual education was compulsory for us besides the formal course of studies. We had regular sessions of meditation and spiritual classes. We were taught the ancient religious texts and the lives of great personalities. At that early age, I really didn’t understand the importance of these lessons. I could never realize the effect of spirituality on life; however, I followed the instructions of nuns sincerely and I always loved to receive those lessons.
After school days were over, the spiritual training came to an end and due to ignorance, I lost the thread of spirituality. Much later, when I entered the professional life and conjugal life, and faced real problems which are much more difficult than the schoolbook mathematics, I gradually understood the need for spirituality.
After we complete the discipline of studies, we enter the vast world of career. The first challenge is to select the right profession, which can give us the pleasure of working beside money. Then comes the challenge of facing different types of people and some of them really have no ethics. The same thing happens when we get married. Suddenly we become too close to a completely unknown/ half known family and need to adjust with new situations. It often becomes challenging as our values can be utter mismatch with those of the new family members.
In adverse situations, we often lose patience and think that the whole world has gone against us. We become restless, unhappy, frustrated, anxious, depressed and if these things carry on for too long, we gradually lose our positive powers. We start feeling lethargic and suffer from lack of confidence.
Now, my point was that spirituality can save us from such situations. The question is how. Actually all religions give us a doctrine of life, a discipline we should follow through all stages of life to live happily and healthily. Remember, religious texts are very practical and scientific, having deep psychological base, contrary to the thought that they are old and backdated. The religious virtues cannot show any immediate result, neither can they bring some miraculous fortune to us, but with slow and steady practice, we can discover the goldmine within our soul.
In spite of having money, family pleasures and all other comforts of life, we can suffer from fear, anxiety and restlessness and those are the greatest enemies of our lives. The spiritual practices make us calm, patient and happy from within. One of the greatest scientists and a former President of India, Sir APJ Abdul Kalam says:
“When I was old enough to ask questions, I asked my father about the relevance of prayer. My father told me there was nothing mysterious about prayer. Rather, prayer made possible a communion of the spirit between people. “When you pray”, he said, “you transcend your body and become a part of the cosmos, which knows no division of wealth, age caste or creed.”- P-4, Chapter-1, Wings of Fire, APJ Abdul Kalam with Arun Tiwari
Once we can start feeling peaceful and powerful from within, we can fight off adverse situations with more strength and courage. Once we learn the lessons of religion, we understand that we give importance to so many petty things in life and waste much time with unworthy thoughts. It gives rise to tension and our mind is filled with a haze. We give undeserving importance to what people say/ think about us and try to mould our lives according to that. But once we realize the greater truths of life, we understand the pettiness of this material world and can stay calm from within.
Regular prayer makes us calm and composed from within. It makes a well-built personality which is pleasant, but also grave. We can stay happy and make others happy, and also become strict when needed. We gain a supreme control over our desires, which can torture us to a heavy extent if out of control.
So, precisely spiritual practices can give us an overall healthy life, which is the prime desire of all. And everybody should start the practice from the very beginning of his/her life.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
18th Jul 2016 (#)

My practice is to keep in my mind that I am a part of the creative process for a blip of time.

I carry this thought every moment and that makes my life fulfilled. The rest are just roles we play as actors to family, at workplace - siva

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author avatar Arundhati_India
18th Jul 2016 (#)

Thanks a lot for your response. Yes, this is a positive thinking that helps to stay detached; it is good for mental health.

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author avatar Phil Jellerson
18th Jul 2016 (#)

I am a Christian and prayer is a necessity for Christian growth.

You made no mention of a person or deity to whom prayers are to be directed. You may have one in mind but omitted it.

Christians pray to God who is their Father by faith in His Son Jesus Christ.

Prayer is spiritual communication with a spiritual deity or Head who wants to hear our prayers. Otherwise prayer is just a humanistic and futile exercise.

May I invite you and your readers to come to know God the Creator and His Son, Jesus Christ, through whom we are given eternal life. John 3:16

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author avatar Ali
30th Aug 2016 (#)

ALLAH has not a son.HE is not like us.HE can not be our father.CREATER above off all our imagination.

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author avatar Arundhati_India
19th Jul 2016 (#)

Thanks a lot for your reply, Mr Phil Jellerson. Yes I did not mention any particular discipline of prayer because people can think that I am preaching a particular religion. Every religion has its own doctrines and people following that doctrine knows what to do and how to do it. So, I avoided being specific. I personally follow the Hindu doctrine as I am born under that discipline. My point is that whatever discipline you may follow, the effect of prayer is the same.

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