Why do we believe a common cold comes from cold weather?

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Discusses the myth that you can get a cold from being cold and offers some ways to help.


This is an ancient belief. It is true that getting chilled does lower resistance but colds are caused by a virus not cold weather. In cool weather, however, we are most susceptible to colds, thus colds are most frequent in the fall and least frequent in June and July. It is interesting to note that the coldest months, December through February, are not the months when the chance of catching a cold is greatest. In fact, Eskimos rarely caught colds until the virus was introduced by arctic explorers.

Common cold causes.

Many different viruses can cause colds and flu. They are passed on by inhaling infected droplets that have been sneezed or coughed into the air or by touching an area with live infection. Cold germs attack the upper respiratory system and most often start off with a sore throat and runny nose. As the virus progresses, the germs work on destroying some of your body's healthy cells, and this is what makes you feel the symptoms of the cold, like body aches and pains, etc. When you have a fever, it is actually your body at work trying to fight off the enemy germs that have invaded it.

Remedies for the common cold?

Cold remedies are almost as common as the common cold, and many are very ancient. The use of chicken soup as a congestion cure dates back centuries. Here's a look at some common cold remedies:

Drink Soup
That's right, and you've heard it before! Grandma's chicken soup does more than comfort you from aching limbs and a stuffed-up nose. Research shows that chicken soup thins mucus in the airways, making it easier to expel. To add extra punch to your brew, throw in congestion-busters like garlic, onions, and hot chili peppers.

Drink plenty of other fluids
Viruses associated with the common cold thrive in dried-out environments, so make them feel unwelcome by keeping them lubricated. Have plenty of fluids like water, juices, and decaffeinated herbal teas. Try to have more of citrus fruit juices as they contain Vitamin C which helps in strengthening immune system.

Get steamed
Here's a surefire way to relieve chest congestion! Bring a pot of water to a boil, remove it from the stove, and add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Holding a towel over your head and the pot, inhale the steam slowly and deeply for 20 minutes. Hot, steamy showers are also effective.

Get some Rest to De-Stress yourself
When cold symptoms kick in, your body is saying you need a time out. If possible, park yourself in bed for a day or two, or at least be sure to pack in more sleep at night, strive for 8 to 10 hours. Rest gives your body a better opportunity to fight the cold viruses.

Eat spicy foods
Yes really! Spicy hot foods will cause your body to expel mucus. When you eat these types of foods, your nose will start to run and you will begin to cough up mucus. Spicy foods work just like a natural decongestant but without side effects. This advice is good for those people who cannot take over-the-counter medication.
Over-the-counter cold medications

Nonprescription decongestants and pain relievers offer some symptom relief, but they won't prevent a cold or shorten its duration, and most have some side effects. So use them wisely.

Prevention is Better than Cure.

Efforts toward Preventing cold should include practicing good health habits, focusing on good nutrition and using natural products that support immune system function and strength. Good nutrition is important for fighting the common cold and for overall good health. It is not always possible to eat the right foods in the right combinations every day. A good age and sex appropriate multi-vitamin supplement is insurance against common cold. This should be coupled with by a gentle, non strenuous exercise.


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