Why do we get Chicken Pox only once?

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The Reason why we got chicken pox only once.......

Why do we get Chicken Pox only once?

There are many skin diseases that we encounter. One of these diseases is chicken pox. Didn't you ever wonder why do we get chicken pox only once? Let me share to you some of the things that I've learned.

Chicken Pox is a very infectious viral disease. It is also called varicella, a common, generally mild, contagious disease of children. the attack may be so wild that it is not recognized and normally gives an immunity that lasts for life. this is caused by varicella-zoster.

At the end of the incubation period (about two weeks) the patient develops a fever and an irritating rash. Small raised spots appear on the chest and spread-in the next few days over the body. Face and limbs. The spots become sore, reddened, blisters, which then day and flake off, usually in less than a week.

We usually get chicken pox only once because our bodies manufacture special chemical defenses called antibodies. These antibodies are effective only against the particular microbe, they have been formulated to fight. after the battle is won, the antibodies remain in the blood stream, ready to fight in case the same microbes that causes chicken pox would again attack.

Antibodies are grouped according to their functions. the antitoxins act as antibodies that neutralize the positions released by microbes into the body. The agglutinins clump the microbes together so that white blood cells, or leukocytes, can easily destroy them. Leukocytes are formed in the bone narrow and its always present in the blood.

When microbes enter the body, some antibodies build wall around the infected area. The rest of them attack the microbes and eat them up. They crawl about and stretch their foot-like-projections called pseudopods, which they use to engulf bacteria and digest them.

This is the reason why we got chicken pox only once.


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12th Apr 2012 (#)

I think -----neutralize "positions" was meant to be neutralize "poisons------"

Nice article. Thanks for sharing.

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