Why not make lemonade when life gives you lemons?

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Can you make the best of things, no matter what comes along?

Why not make lemonade when life gives you lemons?

Have you ever found yourself complaining when you find yourself in a situation you don't like?? How much energy do you put into moaning or blaming other people because, in your opinion, they did something wrong??

The other day I had a situation with the company that supplies energy to my house. An administrative error had been made on their part and I was spending a lot of time trying to fix it. The circle of mis - communication went on for weeks. I found myself getting more and more angry.

At the peak of my rage, at someone else's incompetence, I thought to myself, 'Stop. Stop playing this game. Stop reacting to what is going on. Be quiet and be Still'.

In the moment of quietness that followed I found myself seeing the situation from a different perspective. When I gave myself the time to breathe, and I stopped being reactive there was a whole different view to be seen. Once I had glimpsed an alternative, there was no way I could see things from the old perspective.

So what did I learn from the experience? I see that there are many times when life throws lemons at me. I could say ' bah, I don't like lemons, they're too sour'. In that moment I feel that I am missing the chance to take a life lesson and to grow, I am staying stuck in seeing things from a perspective that may be out dated or unhelpful to my growth and change.

Alternatively, I could say, ' hurrah lemons, now I can make lemonade'. When I can respond from this positive perspective I feel that I am in my power. In this using every chance to learn and to be the change that I want to see happening around me. I am taking responsibility for my own happiness, and am not passing this on to someone else to do for me.

When I say ' hurrah' to life's lemons, those are the moments of growth, learning and change. In that moment I see the potential in life and I am prepared to take a risk, do something unusual and make lemonade out of the unexpected.

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