Why should we detox our liver?

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Our general health depends on the proper function of one of the vital organs in our body- our liver.Here are some reasons why we should consider cleansing it.

How important is the proper functioning of our liver?

If we consider the Food and Drug Administration, we are daily exposed to a total of 70,000 different chemicals. Each year, 2,000 new chemicals appear in our environment. They are everywhere: in cosmetics and makeup, in medicines, in the air we breathe, the surfaces we touch, the water we drink, the food we eat.

There are toxins that enter the body though we do not need them.Our liver is responsible for processing and eliminating them,it is a real "factory" with more more than 500 different functions. Among other things, it chooses the nutrients from food,it puts away waste and regulates the level of toxins in the blood. Compared to other vital organs, the liver is special because when it is sick or injured, its cells that were destroyed regenerate. However, if this happens too often,the liver reaches a stage where it can not function normally.

According to some specialists, a liver that is not functioning properly means extra weight, lack of energy, fatigue, headache, hypertension and many other troubles. It is believed that even bloating, depression, constipation, excessive sweating, PMS, chronic fatigue, varicose veins, food cravings may be related to the poor functioning of the liver.

To whom is this liver cleansing recommended ?

In order to solve these problems and others, a liver detoxification diet was established. It is generally regarded as a weight loss/weight control diet, but it is more than that. It is beneficial for our overall health. A healthy liver reduces depression, anxiety and mood swings,it helps you keep up your energy, good humor and zest for life. Liver cleansing is generally recommended to those who are:

- Overweight, obese
- Those with liver disease and gallbladder (bile) with dyslipidemia, digestive problems of any kind
- Those with hypertension
- Those with allergies
- Those who feel very tired, lack of energy
- Those with migraines and frequent headaches.
- Alcoholics, former alcoholics and those who consume alcohol regularly.
- Those who can not lose weight despite dieting.

What does this diet consist of?

Diet principles are simple: 1. listen to your body and 2. avoid all toxins.

Our body knows very well what it needs and when it needs and it knows how to show you what it needs. Therefore, liver detoxification diet says that you have to eat when you are hungry,you have to drink when you are thirsty and you have to sleep when you are sleepy. You musn't eat when you're not hungry and you are not allowed to skip meals. You really need to drink water when you're thirsty, but drinking does not make sense if you don't feel the need.Hours of sleep are very important. Sleep when you feel tired and as long as you feel like sleeping. Fatigue and stress contribute to weakening the body.

Toxins are everywhere around us and unfortunately we can not get rid of everything, even if we wanted. What we can do is to remove those that we have some control over.They are mainly toxins from food preservatives, dyes, artificial flavors, sweeteners.


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7th Dec 2011 (#)

Excellent liver health article, well done!! :-)

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