Why to pay more for cosmetics?

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It's amazing how many items there're in the kitchen that can be used as very natural cosmetics at a cheaper price.

Why to pay more for cosmetics?

Fortunately I don't need to use deodorant. In fact, I think I've never used it. For me a refreshing shower every day will be enough to avoid bad smell. However, there're people that because of their type of skin have to use them. They're the ones that will buy one or another brand name as advertised. They may work for them or they may not, but all of them aren't cheap.
These people would do well using lemons. It's this simple. One only have to squeeze a lemon to apply on one's body to let it dry for few minutes. How much do lemons cost? I know that in highly industrialized countries, fruit such oranges or lemons aren't cheap, but it's worth trying this fruit as a natural deodorant and at least one won't contribute to fill in the folks' pockets within the cosmetic industry.
These folks have to admit that they're using natural produce to make their products that, then, well wrapped in cellophane paper or bottled in fancy ones will be sold at gold's price with the aid of mighty television.
All of us, women, cleanse our faces as we get home and all of us use cleansing milk and toner, spending our money in ready made one. Some will be more expensive than others, but all of us are still spending money on something that it's already in the kitchen. This is olive oil. One only has to put a bit in a small bottle to take it to the bathroom and to apply on the face and let it stay on it for few minutes. I don't even rinse my face as I let it stay to work as hydrating cream.
One may use cotton wool balls that cost, but for this purpose old cotton t shirts or underwear will do too. One only has to cut them into small pieces to use them to cleanse one's face with the olive oil. When they're dirty, we can wash them and use them again.
I noticed that my flat mate keeps a small bottle of powdered cinnamon in the bathroom, I asked her why she did and she told me that it's good to invigorate her when she has her daily shower. It makes sense, because cinnamon is a sort of lift me up and, in fact, we should be careful when adding it on food or drinks such as ''sangria'' as we could get way too merrier.
Better wash hair in the washbasin rather than under the shower, adding few drops of good wine vinegar for better shine.
We're to have our shower to then apply a bit of powdered cinnamon all over the body, massage and let it stay for few minutes before rinsing.
It's amazing how many items there're in the kitchen that can be used as very natural cosmetic products. After all, they're what they're used in the cosmetic industry and sold at gold's price.

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author avatar viewgreen
30th Dec 2014 (#)

Interesting article. Thanks.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
31st Dec 2014 (#)

Nice piece and Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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author avatar RondaKay
4th Jan 2015 (#)

Well that got me to thinking. I've used deodorant since I was a kid, because my parents bought it for me. Do I know if I even need it???

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author avatar vickylass
5th Jan 2015 (#)

Well, you should know for the smell. Some people have a strong smell (and sweat} on their skin. Other, like myself, have not. These with a strong smell will leave their underwear, blouses or dresses with a smell. If this isn't your case, you probably don't need deodorant and just a daily shower and lavender will do.

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