Why we removed Red 40 food dye from our diet and it was good.

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Recent Studies show FD&C Red 40 and similar food dyes cause hyperactivity (ADHD) and lower IQ levels in children.

What is Red 40?

The food color Red 40 sometimes marketed as Allura Red is 2-naphthalenesulfonic acid, 6-hydroxy-5-((2-methoxy-5-methyl-4-sulfophenyl)azo)-, disodium salt, and disodium 6-hydroxy-5-((2-methoxy-5-methyl-4-sulfophenyl)azo)-2-naphthalenesulfonate. What a mouthful, right? This substance used to be distilled from coal tars but now comes from petroleum.

Banned in the Uk in 2009

Interestingly, we here in the U.S. have heard little about the problems with this food additive but it was banned in the UK after the completion of a series of studies in 2006. The British Food Safety Board revised their advice on this food dye in 2007 then phased an all out ban by 2009.
Professor Stevenson, a co-author of the studies, said: "This has been a major study investigating an important area of research. The results suggest that consumption of certain mixtures of artificial food colours and sodium benzoate preservative are associated with increases in hyperactive behaviour in children.

What was tested and what was found

The following additives were tested in the research:
Sunset yellow (FD&C Yellow #6) - coloring found in soft drinks
Carmoisine - red coloring in gelatin foods
Tartrazine (FD&C Yellow #5) - yellow coloring
Ponceau 4R - red coloring
Sodium benzoate - preservative
Quinoline yellow - food coloring
Allura red (FD&C Red #40) - orange / red food dye

The study found increased levels of hyperactivity and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and lower IQs were observed in children consuming the chemicals. Based on the study, the UK agency advises that cutting certain artificial colors from hyperactive children's diets might have some beneficial effects.

Our experience

We started avoiding these dyes when these studies came out. All 3 of our children have ADHD tendencies as do I. We have isolated the effect of these dyes and can now officially report our findings. They do cause us to be freaky, spastic and kinda stupid.
That's our experience so if you are being pressured to put your child on Ritalin try to remove this stuff first. That is what we think. Professor Stevenson thinks "...parents should not think that simply taking these additives out of food will prevent hyperactive disorders. We know that many other influences are at work but this at least is one a child can avoid."


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author avatar Retired
25th May 2011 (#)

good stuff dude..

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author avatar MAnature
25th May 2011 (#)

Thanks for thinking along the same lines as me! <3 u :)

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
26th May 2011 (#)

My wife has recently written an article on Yellow 5 and how bad it is . She often writes and warns people about color dyes in pet food too - many are linked with behavioral problems in pets - pet food is dyed ONLY for the purpose of getting people to buy it. Better pet foods do not use dye

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author avatar J A Ridley
26th May 2011 (#)

Very good point Mark, we also avoid corn products in our pet foods. Seems to keep them real healthy no skin problems.

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author avatar Retired
26th May 2011 (#)

single crop economies fail every single time, there has never been an exception.. this corn thing is killing us.

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author avatar Songbird B
26th May 2011 (#)

Disturbing read..It really does make you wonder what we put into our bodies, and the same with our pets...Thank you so much for sharing this..

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author avatar J A Ridley
26th May 2011 (#)

Thanks for comments Robert and Songbird. Corn is all GMO now, beware!

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author avatar Carol Kinsman
27th May 2011 (#)

Thank you, JAridley! This is the reason I avoid packaged food.

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author avatar Abioye Munashe
9th Jun 2011 (#)

what on earth is going on...this world is crazy...i have to do soe more research on this. Thanks for the info

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author avatar Ant
28th Jan 2012 (#)

We have fully eliminated this!!!!

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