Why we should ALL consider exercise.

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There are reasons not to be active, but there are better reasons to enjoy being active.

Why we should all consider being active.

There was an article in the Daily Mail in December 2011 entitled “Why sinewy arms are NOT a good thing – and neither is sport.”

Reading the article I felt sad for the journalist who wrote the piece. She has clearly never felt the sense of achievement that can come from a good training session, when the ‘feel good’ endorphins kick in. She has no idea of how it can help someone to gain more confidence through improving at something that maybe they thought they would never been good at. I wish she could understand how many women I have met who have been empowered through sport.

Granted, PE at school is not always going to be great for everyone. There are some who will discover natural talent at various activities, and they will stay with sport probably for the rest of their lives. For the rest it can be an embarrassing mix of puberty and just being on the wrong side of good enough / fast enough / warm enough to be able to enjoy it. When you aren’t being given any encouragement to get better, you usually don’t.

I know a lot of boys and girls who didn’t consider themselves to be any good at sport (or even like sport) back in school. I find with many of them now as adults that they just hadn’t found something that they enjoyed doing. At lot of the time, PE in school gives many kids the opportunity to find out what they don’t like. Those who do find something they like will go on to take part in the activity outside of school, usually in a club environment where they can be nurtured, and individual skills can be practised and encouraged.

Those who don’t enjoy it are often lost to exercise before the age of 16.
I find that to be a shame, as exercise has so many benefits – and not just the usual ones about health and helping maintain a normal weight that we usually see trotted out. Exercise can help you to meet new people and make new friends. It can help to challenge you to do better, or push harder. Skills that are transferable within daily life.
It can give you confidence. I start training people who maybe feel that they can’t do something, or they just aren’t good at it, and to see their confidence grow as they master the sport, or manage to run a certain distance is amazing. They suddenly see that if they can do that – they can do anything. There is a change in their appearance. Suddenly they are walking taller, they smile more perhaps. Suddenly weight loss and/or toning up becomes a secondary benefit.

Exercise is also a good stress reliever. People can go for a run, kick a football around, or cycle and use the stress of a hard day constructively to fuel their workout. You might feel tired afterward, but chances are you will also feel better for the energy expended.
Exercise doesn’t have to be anti-social either! You might occasionally make it social, and run with a friend, or go swimming. A good chat as you exercise can also help you de-stress as you get fitter!

Some people come back to exercise and sport at a later point in their life. They might take it up because they need to in order to assist medical conditions. Some feel trapped behind a desk and want to cultivate a change. The beauty of exercise is that it does not scold or chide you for leaving it. It doesn’t hold you to a schedule, and you can do it whenever you feel you wish to. The benefits can outweigh the risks, and if you found you didn’t enjoy it early on in life, chances are that you didn’t find something you enjoy doing – and there are so many things you can do to get fit that you didn’t do in PE! It’s not just girls that duck out of sport either – there are guys out there too who haven’t yet learned the advantages that exercise can bring.

For those worried about looking too muscular: there are many factors that would all have to come into play for you to look like that. Some people would love to look muscular, and some people would just like to tone up and lose some fat. It’s your body, you can choose what you would like it to look like. You then put in the effort (or lack of) in order to achieve the physique you most admire. Just because one person looks toned and muscular, does not mean that you are going to if you don’t want to. If everyone who exercised automatically achieved that then we’d all be walking around looking buff and toned!

I do feel sorry for the author of the original article. She clearly has never felt the camaraderie of playing on a sports team just for fun, or for finishing a walk or race to raise money to help those in need. She hasn’t felt the buzz you can get when mastering a new shot or scoring a goal. I feel sad that she is not gaining all of the benefits that sport and exercise can provide – because there are so many of them!

However, if she doesn’t want them, I’ll have her share – and I will pass them round to my friends - the lucky ones who already know these advantages, or who are just discovering these delights. I will continue to pass them on to those who don’t believe that they are any good at anything ‘sporty’, and I will continue to tell people that “If someone like me can do it, then anyone can.”


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author avatar Penny W-T
14th May 2013 (#)

I'm naughty - I consider exercise from a distance!
But I am learning to see how it is the means to an end - and I will win.

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