Will drinking water make us fat?

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We´re to drink and eat whatever we´re used to or we fancy to have on a given time. Nothing is bad provided it´s in moderation.

Will drinking water make us fat?

Aren´t there silly ideas on how we´ll lose weight or be slim? On some occasions, I´ve read on the social networks that by eating this or that fruit or item, they´ll help us to lose wight. I´ve also read that sleeping longer at weekends, we´ll lose weight, because it´ll prevents from eating more. There´s also the idea that drinking water during meals will make us fat.
Let´s see few facts about water. All of us need to drink a good amount of water during the day and water has no calories at all. If we drink a gallon of water in one go, we won´t get fat, but it´ll definitely kill us.
Water is necessary to keep us well hydrated. Fail to drink water and we´ll soon have to go to hospital. It´ll only take us four days to die without drinking water.
Needless to say that I prefer a good wine to drink with my meals, especially if it´s a savoury one. Otherwise, I´ll drink plain and clear water to gulp the food down.
There isn´t such a thing as fattening or slimming foods or habits. This is a load of rubbish from certain media to sell their publications.
Eat and drink whatever you wish to and it´s good for you, but always reasonably balanced.
Stay longer in bed at weekends if you´re one to get up very early during the week, or have a brief nap after your lunch if you feel it´s good for you, but don´t you think that by sleeping the whole of the weekend, it´s going to get you slimmer, but, on the contrary, it´ll have stopped you to enjoy your spare time to the full.
Unless prescribed by a doctor for some health reason, there´s no diet to work out and all of them fail, because slimming diets are boring.

All what we need is our balanced diet, eating and drinking what we need (and fancy!) in moderation.
Can anyone munch on a delicious sandwich or filled bread roll without drinking anything? I couldn´t. Drink with it whatever you´re used to or like be them water, wine, beer or a fizzy drink and forget about the health gurus.
Mac´s isn´t my cup of tea, but if one fancies going to them on a given time, one should go, provided they don´t live on them.

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