Winning is personal and It is never how it appears to others, it is how it is to you

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We all want to win, but who loves to train. I can tell you what the training is in this synopsis and use this series of sections to work out exactly what I mean: To really win is to honestly do it without cheating, sneaky games, or self congratulatory meaningless actions. To really win is to put in the work, and take away the genuine benefit, not lie, cheat, or trick everyone into thinking that we are great, but to really be great.

To be the best.

The sweet "music" of praise and lauding from others never gives us self-worth, but realistic actions do always give us that. I mean face it, we all, even those who take the hard path of total honesty and reality, are tempted to want an easy way out. But ultimately, even the best of us, and especially the best of us take the punishment of the genuine work, because we want the genuine benefits of real self-worth that comes from genuine achievement.

To be the genuine best takes something beyond the praise of others, it takes genuine hard-won integrity without straying too much from the genuine path. I know of whence I write about.

In life, we can try to take the easy way or take the genuine hard way to genuine achievement. I admit, I chose the latter. Trying to take the easy way is the road more traveled by most, and it ends up harder than the genuine hard way to genuine achievement anyhow because what you faked catches up with you "down the road" like steroids in sports achievements or a calculator on a math quiz show where you are supposed to understand the answers genuinely from your brain without help. Genuineness is just the opposite, it is hard at first and then it becomes easy as you really do achieve. So, when I call this section "to be the best", that is what I mean in a "nutshell".

Not to bomb you with reality too much, but, face it: There is no other way out but through when it comes to realistic achievements. That is all I have to say about that to end this section.

The real impossible dream.

The real impossible dream is to "get away with it". Why do I put this article under the heading of "recovery and coping"? To really achieve is to really cope with reality, and not have to recover. To try to cheat and trick your way past the genuine effort is to end up having to recover or abandon the achievement you cheated yourself into.

The worst loss is to think or perceive that you are getting away with something. The best gain is simply to genuinely earn it. Genuine larceny is the impossible. Genuine achievement is the genuinely possible although it may seem harder to do than cheating or larceny.


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author avatar brendamarie
14th Sep 2015 (#)

It is all in how you see thing. amazing article!!!!!

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
18th Sep 2015 (#)

Awesome post!

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