Winter-time for Weight-loss

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Many people think the summer is the best time to lose weight, but why wait? Winter is at least as good a time to shed some pounds.

Why is Winter so good for weight-loss?

The main reason it’s easier to lose weight in the winter is the cold. I know, stating the obvious here, but it really is. Your body works harder to stay warm, burning more energy in the process. Burning more energy = burning more calories.

I know this for a fact, due to losing half a stone in a week just from moving to the Highlands. The drop in temperature was shocking and as a result, I lost weight, while eating like a pig!


I am not saying do anything stupid, health comes first. What I am saying is don’t be afraid to go out in the cold – wrap up, stay healthy but do make a point of going outside for short walks if it’s not ridiculously cold (anything below -18 degrees C is pushing it). You don’t want to catch a cold, or worse. You just want to make your body work. When I say short walks, I do mean this, as exposing yourself for too long will make you ill as well.

What else?

Eating well is a must at this time of year. Vegetables in the form of soups are always a good idea. Not sure what to make, have a look at my Minestrone Soup Recipe. Good food at this time of year includes:
• Sweet potatoes and squashes
• Parsnips, carrots and leeks
• Cauliflowers and onions
• Lamb, fish, turkey, very occasionally beef (see my Cheap and Tasty Beef Stew Recipe)
• Cranberries, pomegranates, small oranges (such as clementines, satsumas etc), apples

Most of these foods are winter foods, and will boost your immune system against any nasty bugs at this time of year.


As much as many of us hate this word, it’s really good for you, especially in the winter months. If you get too cold, it will warm you. It loosens up stiff joints, it boosts the immune system as well.

NOTE – Do not exercise if you are unwell – this just puts added stress to a system already trying to cope with too much. Wait until you are feeling better.

Exercise is also very good for that time of the month for women. The day after your period starts (or the next day for some women), you get a wee burst of energy. Take advantage of it, get out your exercise dvd, or go for a walk/to the gym.

See it to believe it

Visualise yourself in the spring, lighter than you are now, and it will happen. Thinking it won’t work is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Every morning take a moment to see yourself a stone lighter, or more, taking off your thick coat as spring wakens the world.

Winter time is the natural time to lose weight, as your body is already burning off more calories than it normally would. DO NOT STARVE IT. Eat as much as you feel like (within reason) but eat the right kind of foods and go outside for short bursts every day. Keep portion sizes reasonable but don’t panic if you need an extra snack at this time, it’s your body letting you know it needs more fuel. Never eat to stuffed, just to comfortable capacity. You will lose weight.
For more weight-loss tips, have a look at my Weight-Loss the Natural, Healthy Way article.


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author avatar Denise O
4th Jan 2011 (#)

You know green, I never even thought of us burning more in the winter but, you are absolutely right. There are a lot of good veggies out this time of the year. We tend to forget this.
I will never be model thin (nor do I plan on trying) but, I do believe we should all keep moving and eating right, at least 90% of the time.
Good read hon.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Greenfaol
4th Jan 2011 (#)

Thanks Denise, really appreciate you looking at my work, and the comments you make are always great. Thank you :D xxx

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author avatar TNT_Brian
5th Jan 2011 (#)

Congrats on the star, good article. Thanks for sharing, love your pic by the way x

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