Woman's Self Image

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Women can all benefit from taking a fresh look and self-image, and by being a realistic about it as possible.

Woman's Self Image

Women have an idea of the way they look, but this image is not always realistic. Sometimes, women are too hard on themselves (seeing only the incipient double chin and ignoring the neat ankles), while at other times, they may try self deception (picking clothes that are too small because refusing to admit, have put on weight).
Taking Stock: The Shape

Start by standing naked in front of a mirror and examining your reflection, both front view and sideways on. Don’t pull in your stomach, or clench your buttocks, or try to flatter yourself in other ways. Decide what you really think about your body, at your skin, muscles, hair, and nails. Perform the inch test and then weigh your self.

Make a note of all your findings, and of all the assumption you have about yourself and your body – the good points as well as the bad. Decide which parts of yourself you can and want to change, which parts you must accept as they are, and which you like and want to emphasize.

Distinguish carefully between imperfections you can work on and those you must accept. No amount of dieting and exercise can change your basic inherited body type – but excess weight, bad posture, and lack of fitness have nothing to do with body type.

The Pinch Test:

How easy is it for you to pinch a roll of flesh on your upper arm, inside thigh, midriff, or buttocks? Stand upright when you do the test and use your thumb and forefinger to make the pinch. If you can painlessly pinch more than 2.5 cm of flesh in these areas, you are over-weight.

Taking Charge:

Self-assessment is the first step in taking charge of your well being. Once you have peeled away the myths and found a realistic self image, you can set yourself definite goals for self improvement. The way you look, the way you feel, and what you ultimately achieve all depend on you.

Once you have set your goals, start working toward them right away.

Desirable Weights:

Look at a guide for your desirable weight for your height and a build. Measuring the circumference of your wrist will give you an indication of your build. If it is 13.9 cm or less, you have a small frame; if it is over 13.9 cm but less than 16.5 cm, you have a medium frame; if it is 16.5 cm or over, you have a large frame. Measure your height without shoes and weigh yourself without clothes.

Visible Difference:

Visible Difference is an intensive moisture treatment with highly scientifical claims. Today, it is more than that a moisturizer. Others claimed that they can see visible improvement of her skin within two to three weeks.

• Complexion becomes radiant
• Number and depth of dryness lines are dramatically reduced
• Skin feels softer and smoother
• Scientifically proven, it has been clinically, allergy and dermatologist tested.

Other ways to complete VD are: eye-care concentrate, moisture crème soap, gentle scrub crème for face, gentle scrub crème for body and special moisture formula for the body. In addition, you can use the deep cleansing lotion, refining toner, refining moisture lotion and refining moisture crème complex. Bear in mind always, if you can afford, always consult your doctor or dermatologist.


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We should take care on a daily basis and live in moderation. Good tips - siva

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