Women: Hand Care (Part 2)

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Creams and lotions are agents that kept your hands soft and smooth. Daily massaging and exercising of your hands gives an energy for the whole day.

Women: Hand Care (Part 2)

Hand Massage:

Every time you apply hand cream you are massaging your hands. The vigorous action stimulates the blood flow to the skin and this is as important as the softening qualities of the cream itself. From time to time you can treat your hands to a full-scale massage.

Warm your hands by shaking them gently. If they are very cold, try immersing them in warm water. Apply cream to the palms of the hands. For a night-time massage choose a rich moisturizing cream, for daytime a barrier cream containing water-resistant silicone may be more suitable. Rub the cream well into both palms.

Now rub the cream into the backs of the hands. This is generally the driest part as the skin is most exposed. Imagine that you are putting on a pair of gloves and work down each finger slowly. Concentrate on the joints and the sides of the fingers. Massage the whole of the hands with smooth downward movements from the fingers to the wrists. Relax your hands and feel the tension easing from them.

Hand Exercises:

By practicing these exercises every day you can help make your hands more supple and expressive, increase their strength, and improve the circulation. Clench both fists tightly, hold for a second, then open out your fingers as wide as possible. Repeat six times.

Allow your hands to dangle loosely from the wrists. Keeping the hands and wrists relaxed and limp, lift up the arms from the wrists. Drop the arms and repeat the movement six times. Stretch out your arms in front of you and rotate your wrists 10 times outwards. Then rotate them 10 times inwards.

Spread your fingers and, using your thumbs, make a wide circling movement. Repeat using your forefinger and then with each finger in turn.

Nail Care:

Whether you wear your nails short or long, varnished or lain, it is important to keep them looking their best at all times. Protect them with gloves from excessive exposure to cold, wind, water, detergents and other chemicals; concentrate on the cuticles whenever you apply hand cream, and include a regular weekly manicure in your beauty routine. A nail grows at the rate of about 2 mm each month and can take more than six months to grow from root to tip. For this reason, any damage to the nail bed or matrix will be obvious for several months in the growing nail. Similarly, treatment to improve the condition of the nails will show results only gradually.

Nail Problems:

1) Ridges – Ridges on the nails are usually the result of damage to the matrix or nail bed caused by rough treatment of the cuticles. More rarely, they can occur after a blow to the nail. If the cuticles are left alone the ridges should grow out.
2) White Spots – These are normally the result of a bang or knock to the nail bed. They too grow out in time.
3) Cloudy or Stained Nails – Leaving polish on your nails for long periods, or the prolonged use of an alcohol-based polish remover are the most common causes of this problem. Let the nails go free of polish for a while, and massage them with a special preparation containing lanolin and protein.
4) Splitting and Brittle Nails – A problem for many women, brittle nails are usually caused by dryness. Wear rubber gloves when you can to protect your nails from water and detergents, and apply a hardener to the nails to discourage splitting.
5) Cracks – These appear if you file the nails too low down at the side. A commercial nail repair kit can be used while the cracks grow out.
6) Hangnails – These unsightly slivers of hard skin or nail are caused by cutting or pulling at the cuticle or biting off bits of skin surrounding the nail. They can be quite painful. Hangnails should be trimmed carefully with cuticle clippers or scissors. Avoid them altogether by releasing the cuticle from the nail; push the skin back gently as you dry your hands. Apply cuticle cream regularly to keep your cuticles supple.


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