Women: Handcare (Part 1)

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Your hands are in action almost all day long and are relied upon to perform many different tasks. They are an important medium of self-expression and can be the focal point during a conversation, so it is necessary to take good care of them, to keep them healthy and attractive, and to avoid unsightly problems.

Women: Handcare (Part 1)

Hands are the most visible part of human physical attributes.
Some people have the elegant hands, you would like but it is possible for every woman to make the most of the hands she has by giving them a little regular care and attention.


Always remove jewelries before washing your hands. Discolored areas, can be treated by rubbing a cut lemon over the skin. All-over grease and grime is better removed with a heavy duty cleanser. Careful drying is important as hands left wet can become chapped and are open to infection. Always apply a hand cream after washing.

Hand Care:

If hands remain in water for long periods, or if they are subjected to immersion in very hot or very cold water, much of the natural oil in the skin is sapped away and dehydration results. For this reason, rubber gloves should be worn whenever possible. Since the rubber makes the hands sweat, it is important to choose gloves with cotton lining, or to wear rubber gloves for short periods only.

Some women find that a barrier cream containing water-resistant silicone helps protect their hands if applied before some household jobs. For “dry” jobs, cotton gloves may be worn. They allow the skin to breathe naturally and if you apply a little nourishing cream before putting on the gloves, your hands can have a beauty treatment while you work.

Always wear special gloves for gardening, they keep the hands and nails clean and protect them from cuts and scratches. It is important to establish the habit of applying hand cream morning and night, and after washing. A jar of hand cream by each sink and wash basin is a useful reminder. If your hands are exceptionally dry, you may like to apply a richer moisturizing cream at night when it has several hours in which to restore softness to your skin.


These small hand growths are fairly common on the hands. They are possibly caused by a virus. Warts often vanish without treatment but if they were large and unsightly you may wish to use a wart-removing solution or to have them removed by your doctor.

Rough Hands:

Severely roughened hands can be treated by immersing them for a half hour in warm olive oil. Alternatively a moisturizing face mask may be used.


These are areas of skin hardened by friction. You can smooth them away by rubbing gently with pumice. Afterwards rub in lots of hand cream. Repeat this treatment daily until the callus has disappeared.


These are possibly the most neglected parts of the body; we rarely catch sight of them ourselves, but to the onlooker our elbows speak eloquently of age and neglect. The thin skin quickly becomes rough and wrinkled, and because we frequently rest them on a hard table-top grains of dirt become embedded in the wrinkles, settling to flakes and eventually to calluses.

Scrub the elbows daily with a soapy pumice stone or bristly brush until all ingrained dirt has disappeared, then bleach the reddened skin with lemon juice and massage with a good moisturizer. If you must sit with elbows resting on the desk, cup them in two squeezed-out lemon halves to soften and bleach the skin.


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