Women: Healthy Eating (Part 2)

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If you find the thought of a diet that does not include sweet things intolerable, try switching to commercial brands of non-sugar sweeteners for use in drinks and cooking.

Women: Healthy Eating (Part 2)

In recent years experts have pinpointed four factors in Western diet that seem to have a direct – and often adverse – effect on health: too much salt, too much sugar, too much fat (especially saturated fat), and too little dietary fiber.

Dietary Fiber:

This is the indigestible cellulose found in fruit, vegetables, and unrefined cereals. Fiber is essential in a healthy diet, even though it passes through the gut virtually undigested. The digestive system uses the undigested fiber to remove toxic substances from the body quickly, before they can pass into the bloodstream. Diets high in fiber helps to produce soft, bulky, and easily evacuated stools. Cooking vegetables and fruit tends to break down the cellulose in the plant cells, so they are better eaten raw whenever possible. Refining and processing also removes fiber.


Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is found in the blood. The body needs some cholesterol, but if the level becomes too high, fatty deposits can form on the walls of the arteries, reducing their efficiency. Reducing the amount of the fat in your diet will help to reduce the level of cholesterol in your blood. Diets high in fat are also a major cause of overweight: keeping down the fat level will help you keep your weight down. As well as reducing the overall level of fat in your diet, exerts recommend replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats as far as possible.


Salt occurs naturally in many foods. It is essential to life, but the daily body requirement is very small – just over one hundredth of an ounce. It is widely thought that too much salt in the diet may be a contributory factor in hypertension, strokes, and coronary disease in general. A great deal of salt is still used in the canning and curing industries, so check the labels on all packets and cans before adding more salt to processed foods. In fact, if you add salt to your cooking you may end up eating 30 times as much salt each day as your body actually needs.


Refined sugars (whether brown or white) and refined sugar products are unnecessary in a healthy diet. The body needs some sugar, but can easily obtain it from foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. These unrefined sources can be used by the body to greater benefit than refined sugars, because they also contain vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Refined sugars are regarded as one of the principal causes of dental decay and obesity. If you find the thought of a diet that does not include sweet things intolerable, try switching to commercial brands of non-sugar sweeteners for use in drinks and cooking.


Whether or not you eat a certain food depends to a large extent on its eye appeal. Many manufacturers use additives – emulsifiers, stabilizers, artificial colorings, flavorings, preservatives and so on – to give processed foods eye appeal. No one as yet knows the long term effects of these additives on our health, but there are some evidence that links them to allergies, hyperactivity in children, and similar problems.

Reducing Diets:

If you normally eat a healthy diet, that is, one that is low in fat, salt and sugar but high in fiber, you are unlikely to have weight problems. However, if for reason you are unhappy with your weight and figure, you may decide to go on a reducing diet.

There are an ever increasing number of diet foods on the market, some of which are effective, some of which are suspect. As with most things, there are fads and fashion in diets, and pick one that not only suits your personality and lifestyle but that also offers you a balanced range of nutrients.

Nowadays, there are a lot of methods used by some experts with regards to dieting, losing weight, and exercise. If you can afford, hiring a specialist can be better to determine your body developments.


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