Women: Manicure

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Setting aside a half hour each week for a home manicure is an excellent way of keeping your nails in top condition. Between the weekly manicure sessions, nails should need little attention except perhaps cleaning with a soft brush and a wooden stick.

Women: Manicure

It takes a little time to beautify your fingernails. You can do it with yourself or the salon professional.
Always avoid using a metal file for this job; metal can make scratches in the nail’s surface, which then collect dirt. Remember to rub in lots of hand cream around the nails every time your hands have been in water.

Manicure Routine:

1) Begin by assembling all you will need; cotton wool, emery board, wooden stick, bowl of warm water, cuticle cream and remover, clippers, buffer, hand cream, nail hardener, polish remover, and polish.
2) Soak a piece of cotton wool in oily polish remover and hold it against each nail for about 20 seconds to dissolve all the polish. Sweep the cotton wool from cuticle to tip, never in the opposite direction.
3) With a fine emery board shape your nails to a smooth oval, filing from side to side and never to and fro. To avoid splits, do not file too low down at the corners of the nails.
4) Rub a generous amount of cuticle cream into the nail and cuticle, using circular movements of the thumb.
5) Immerse the hands in a bowl of warm water for 3 minutes to soften the cuticle. Dry the hands on a soft towel and apply a little hand cream.
6) Ease back the cuticles with your fingertips. Dip a cotton-tipped stick into cuticle cream and use if to push back the cuticle all around the nail.
7) Wrap cotton wool around the pointed end of a wooden stick and gently clean out the nail tip. Be careful not to poke the stick into the skin beneath the nail.
8) Rub in cuticle remover, or apply special lotion from its applicator. Gently work around the cuticle to remove dead skin.
9) Use clippers to remove any hangnails or dead skin on the cuticle. This should be done only when absolutely necessary, as it is easy to cut the cuticle itself.
10) Encourage a healthy shine by buffing the nails with a soft chamois leather buffer.
11) Massage hand cream well into the hands from the fingertips to the wrist. Remove excess cream from the nails with a pad of dampened cotton wool.
12) Apply a nail strengthener if necessary, and allow it to dry. You are now ready to apply nail polish.

Nail Polish:

Nail polish is a beautiful addition to well-cared hands. It does, however, draw attention to your hands and nails, so if you plan to use polish regularly, see that your nails are kept neatly manicured and your hands soft and smooth. All nail polish and remover has a drying effect on the nails and if used constantly can rob the nails of valuable natural oils. For this reason it is advisable to leave the nails free of polish from time to time. Before applying any color to the nails, a basecoat should be used. This reduces any staining from the pigment in the polish. Two or even three coats of colored polish should be used to give an even covering. The polish may be plain gloss or matt, or frosted.

A spray-dry aerosol speeds up the drying process and a hardener or sealer may be used to prevent chipping.


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