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Women’s health and well-being deserves a detailed analysis and reporting for at least two reasons. Firstly, the nature has endowed them with certain unique capabilities as bearing and delivering a child. Secondly they undergo biological changes in a rapid manner and consequently face larger health problems that deserves attention from a biological perspective. For example, menopausal complications are pronounced in women. This article discusses breast cancer in women a concise manner.

About breast cancer

Breast cancer statistics provide an alarming picture for anyone concerned with the health and well-being of women. In the USA, one in eight is reported to be suffering from it and in percentage terms it constitutes 13%.
What causes Breast Cancer? Although the answer cannot be pinpointed to any single cause, experts in the field point out skin cancer as singularly the most important cause for breast cancer. Family history plays a critical role and statistics prove this point by informing us that the risk of breast cancer doubles for any women if she has or had a first degree relative, (mother, sister, daughter etc) and if any of them at some point of time were diagnosed with breast cancer. This is because between 5 and 10% of breast cancers are caused by gene mutations inherited from either of the parents. Such mutations medically known as BRCA1 and BRCA2 are the common ones which are found to trigger breast cancer. This is because ovarian risk in them is higher and the risk increases in a considerable manner after they reach an age of 50 which perhaps is related to the menopausal state.
There are broadly two types of breast cancer, viz, ductal carcinoma and lobular carcinoma. Ductal carcinoma is traced to the tubes which move milk from the breast to the nipples whereas the origin of lobular carcinoma is found within the parts of the breast called lobular. The other areas of the breasts can also cause cancer, but the incidence of their causing it is rare. Between the two, ductal carcinoma is more common. However, the mitigating factor is that if ductal carcinoma is diagnozed in its earlier stage, it is easier to be treated because it is not invasive at that stage. However, as and when it is left untreated, it acquires invasive characteristics and becomes difficult to be treated. On the other hand, lobular carcinoma in situ is invasive in nature. HER2-positive breast cancer directly occurs from lobular situ. HER2 is a gene that performs the functions of growing, dividing and repairing the tissues (for which reason it is termed as positive), but some women have too many copies of this gene resulting in these cells growing too fast and causing breast cancer. Medical fraternity opines that women suffering from HER2-positive breast cancer suffer from an aggressive form of cancer which also has higher chances of recurrence.
Inflammatory breast cancer even though has lesser chances of occurring, yet, acquires importance from a different dimension. It cannot generally be identified through mammograms and ultrasounds for the reason that it resembles like a benign breast infection as Mastitis. Affected women would have to undergo biopsy which is a painful process. The process of treatment is also different which would be discussed under the treatment for breast cancer.
Ultimately what we need to remember is that it is difficult for anyone to narrow down precisely the type of breast cancer as it is not one disease but a culmination of many diseases. Healthefforts are underway to pinpoint the types as precisely as possible as that would help in determining the nature and effectiveness of treatment.


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