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Fibroid is a tumor of the womb that occur in 15 to 20% of women. However, in those in whom they occur, it causes many problems as intense bleeding, painful menses, infertility, miscarriages, pressure on the lower abdomen and its surrounding areas.

More About Fibroids

Till recently, fibroid could be treated only through a surgery-open-keyhole- laparoscopic but with the recent introduction of MRI-guided-focused-ultrasound (MRGFUS), an alternative avenue has opened. As a result, fibroid is now amenable for treatment without surgery, anesthesia, and the accompanying hospitalization. This procedure which is carried out under MRI guidance takes not more than two hours with which most forms of fibroids are comfortably now treated. However, in the event of fibroids being found to be larger in size, then it takes more than one sitting but not more than three.
The technique applied is somewhat similar to what is described hereunder:
Heat energy is applied to stop the blood going to the fibroid which causes it to shrink in size. Since MRI is precise and accurate in nature, the fibroid is properly located and fine beams of ultrasound waves are focused on them, while at the same the time, the temperature is raised in such a manner to cause necrosis. The best results are obtained by monitoring continuously the levels of temperature while the process is carried out. Soon after the MRI, the patients’ symptoms improve and the fibroids gradually reduce in size.
The patients do not experience any pain during or after the procedure. They can also go home on the same day and resume work from the second day of the carrying out the non-surgical treatment. Even patients who are at a higher risk and are scared of surgery can now walk-in to get completely cured of their fibroids without undergoing a surgery. The most important outcome of MRI guided treatment for fibroids is that the womb (the uterus) is preserved and as a result the fertility is not affected which is to say that such women can safely bear children in future.


In terms of risks, this procedure also ensures least complexities and maximum safety with the outcome such risks are kept to the minimum. Safety and effectiveness are also ensured through this procedure.


However, while I consider it is my responsibility to provide you with the latest techniques that promote your health and well-being, yet, it is in no way can be taken as a substitute for an expert’s advice. Thus it is possible after examining you, they may feel a surgery may be needed to remove the fibroid but even here you may be aware that fibroid can be safely removed by the new method of keyhole/buttonhole (laparoscopic) surgery. With this method, telescope is put into the stomach through a small cut on the wall of the stomach. This telescope has a camera attached to it and the entire operation is done while you watch it on the monitor. The surgery is cosmetic in nature as it does not create any scar. Those who undergo such a surgery would have to stay in the hospital for a maximum period of 3 days and the pain experienced is not severe.


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