Women can die after a botched nose job

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Plastic surgery can do wonders to make the celebrities and other people to correct imperfections or make someone look younger. However, there are still the risk of death and other problems.

How many nose jobs did Michael Jackson have?

Plastic surgery is something the celebrities can’t seem do without. We all know that Michael Jackson has had several nose jobs, some people say as much as 17 of them.

Is that rumor of fact, we do not know, but what we do know is that Michael had rhinoplasty at least six times. We have heard that his nose was so fragile that the tip actually fell off during his 30th anniversary TV show. Is it true or not? We don’t really know because that segment was edited out.

Plastic surgery comes with risks

However, what we do know is that even everyday people are flocking to the plastic surgeons to have their noses reshaped. Although it may be cosmetically more appealing, or maybe it is just for personal validation it is still an operation and it still has the same risks that that any operation could have including death.

law suit

Montreal born Valerie Castonguay died because of a nose job. Her parents are suing the plastic surgeon from Rene Crepeau Plastic Surgery Clinic in Cote Des Neiges. The operation had taken place in May 2008 and the coroner report was released on Feb 8, 2010.

The coroner’s report

The coroner Paul G. Dionne stated that Valerie Castonguay who was 25 years of age at the time was undergoing surgery when a faulty connection to the oxygen tube led to a perforated lung causing neurological complications.

According to the coroner’s report, it only took a matter of minutes to cause extensive brain damage. Valerie was transported to the hospital and declared brain dead the very same day. The recovery team at the private clinic is implicated in Valerie’s death.


Because of this tragic death, the medical malpractice attorney, for the Castonguay family, Jean-Pierre Menard, maintains that there must be more training and restrictions for private plastic surgery practices. There should also be more “comprehensive protocols.”


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author avatar Harris Mungai
14th Jan 2015 (#)

Great article here.Onething I ask myself is,why do people like plastic surgeries like that,we should learn to appreciate ourselves the way God made us.

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author avatar GenkiWorld
14th Jan 2015 (#)

a lot of people don't truly consider the risks of plastic surgery when they go under the knife, any complication cn be fatal and whenin surgery, there are plenty.

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author avatar vpaulose
15th Jan 2015 (#)

Thank you, dear sister Carolroach for this informative post.

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