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Contraception refers to a practice or set of practices that aim at prevention of pregnancy as a result of sexual activities. It includes both natural and artificial methods and the artificial ones which would be discussed more in this posting relate to preventing the sperm from reaching the ovum using various contraceptive methods as condoms, intrauterine devices, oral contraceptive pills etc that acts either by killing the sperms or preventing them from entering the seminal fluid.


When it comes to contraception, it is the effectiveness that matters the most. Broadly two parameters, viz, typical use and perfect use are applied to judge the outcomes in contraception. Typical use takes into account the human characteristics of committing mistakes in any activity it undertakes and in contraception it refers to such mistakes as forgetting to take birth control pills at the appropriate time. Perfect use on the other hand refers to contraceptive methods which are followed to the exacting specifications while engaging in sexual intercourse.
Surgical sterilization, intrauterine devices, and the implants would fall under perfect methods, for the reason they all have close to 99% accuracy. Male latex condoms rate of success is 98% in perfect use and 83% in typical use. The effectiveness of oral contraception which falls under typical use is anybody's guess for more the missives the greater the chances of a woman getting pregnant. It could be as less as 15% which in other words mean with improper typical or without typical use, the chances of women getting pregnant is as high as 85%.

Temporary v permanent methods

Birth pills can be taken only according to prescriptions which come either in estrogen/progestin form or in combination of both. Naturally the combined versions are more effective. In whatever fashion it is taken, those who cannot tolerate it experience headaches, high blood pressure and other undesirable adverse effects. Nonetheless, it is found that the lower the estrogen contents the lesser the side effects. The chief advantage of oral contraception is that contraception is reversible in that women regain their fertility within six months or ever earlier period whereas in some of the perfect use it is not the case.


Health education is an important component that contributes to women's health and wellbeing. Since child bearing is unique to women, it becomes impingent upon them to take safeguarding measures more seriously if they were to prevent unwanted pregnancies. It needs to be noted contraception brings adverse consequences also and for the reason contraception makes them more vulnerable to diseases at a later stage in life, they need to exercise lots of precautions and by informing our valuable leaders of the state of development in contraception, this posting focused on providing the requisite information to them. Consequently it is informative rather than prescriptive in nature.

Over a period of time via media, avenues have been opened that take into account the desire of people to postpone pregnancy on the one hand and plan a family on the other hand. Towards this implant contraception methods are used. In general, it involves the insertion of a rod under the skin which works by releasing tiny amount of the hormone progesterone into the bloodstream. The most modern version of it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006. It can be done only by a qualified medical professional, which normally remains in place for a period of three years but can be removed earlier & can be replanted again. Women need not worry on this account as it is considered to be safe (least side effects) with a good amount of success rates.


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