Women's Health and Wellbeing : Breast Cancer Treatment and Survival Prospects

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Thanks to the technological advancement and realization on the part of those affected by breast cancer that Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has been the culprit behind the sudden rising of the incidence of breast cancer in women since 1990s, there has been an increase in the reduction of deaths caused by breast cancer.


In respect of lobular carcinoma in Situ (LCIS) the Oncologist may first administer tamoxifen that could prevent the breast cancer in women who are found to have abnormal cell in the ducts of the breasts as it works to block the effects of the hormone estrogen in the breast fro the reason it contains properties of antiestrogen. Bilateral prophylactic mastectomy surgery aims at reducing the risk of developing breast cancer but by resorting to the extreme measure of removing both the breasts.
However, what needs to be kept in mind some of the treatments do not work as effectively as it was believed earlier. For example, one study wherein the treatment involved removal of auxiliary nodes did not work effectively. This clinical trial investigated 800 women on whom auxiliary lymph node dissection was performed through which process the cancerous cells were removed and what is important to note is that this was done in early stages. In spite of this, the lead researcher, Dr. Armando Giuliano of the John Wayne Cancer Institute in Santa Monica opined that the chances of survival did not improve. This means the still research is underway to improve the treatment methods.

Survival rate

Nonetheless, the overall heartening news is that of late the number of women surviving breast cancer has been increasing and in 2008 approximately 2.5 million women had survived the breast cancer, and the breast cancer survival rates are expected to go up further making the dollar spent per case more effective. It has however to be kept in mind the survival rates in breast cancer is reckoned according to the stage in which it is reckoned to have reached. Thus, the most recent medical reviews by the experts project the following survival rates:
• Stage I 88%
• Stage II A 81%
• Stage II B 74%
• Stage III A 67%
• Stage III B 41%
• Stage III C 49%
• Stage IV 15%


The figures above reiterate our point made earlier that early diagnosis is warranted if the one needs a favorable prognosis in regard to breast cancer.


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