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Women are so special because of the differing roles they play in sheer contrast to men that every day could be treated as a women’s day but to remember their specialty, every year we celebrate International Women’s day in the month of March. Since they are so special to every one, as a mother, wife, or simply a human being here are some health tips that would make them to lead a healthier life and bring joy and happiness to all the ones around them especially the men who need them.

Be Aware of your Cholesterol levels

It may look strange, but it is not cholesterol could accumulate only in your heart but it can show up even in your eyelids. While you should exercise regularly to keep your weight under control, please pay special attention to your eyelids, especially, by checking your upper eyelids to look for any tiny yellowish bumps that could have accumulated there and showing up as a cluster. They could be cholesterol deposits. Consult your physician and take necessary treatment. Do not just stop by cleaning your eyelids and putting up some make up to mask it.

Lupus may be shown through your nose

At times you may observe a butterfly type rash in your nose and the normal tendency in you would be not to care for it because it is such a small spot which you may think would go off by applying some antibiotics or cream. Remember that this is not the case and it may be an indication of showing up of a disease called ‘Lupus’. While we do not say that all rashes might be due to lupus yet it is worthwhile for you to check with your doctor as lupus is a multi-organ disease which is not age specific. It can strike you at any age.

Discolouration of mouth could be due to Vitamin B defciciency

It is possible you might have observed there is a dullness in the color of your lips which you may think could be set right by using lipsticks but do stretch your thinking a little more. Such a discoloration may indicate vitamin B deficiency and your physician may ask for a blood test to confirm this and may prescribe changes in your diet in addition to taking supplements.

Swollen fingers

You may tend to think that your fingers are swollen because of your overusing them but the cause may be different. If this persists you need to go the doctor in order to rule out lung disorder which could be showing up through this swelling medically described as ‘clubbing of fingers’.

Cracked nails

You may be assuming that nails cracking is a normal event that takes place due to routine wear and tear but if you observe it is a persisting phenomenon you have to check up the medical cause for it as it is found that this could be due to your suffering from ‘iron deficiency’.

Rashes in your legs

If you are annoyed with ‘flattish rashes’ especially on the inner side of any of your legs above the ankles, it could denote a ‘thyroid deficiency’. Of course this is one thing that does not discriminate between men and women. Nonetheless women are more prone to it than women. Do take care.

Attending to nature’s call often

If you are prone to this habit especially visiting the toilet more often in the night, you should not ignore thinking that it is because you are habituated like that. This could indicate the onset of diabetes and you need to promptly get yourself checked.

Finally a word of wish : Enjoy your special status as a woman.


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