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After the completion of graduation everyone seeks employment without knowing that there is stress in every work issues. Once employed it is our duty to perform the work with due care and attention. Under no circumstances can we be negligent in our duties so that no issues are cropped up for repentance.


Whenever we join a service ,we have to perform various types of jobs within its declared policy. We have to face a challenge in discharging our duties.Each service has its own complications and implications.We have to discharge our duties meticulously .No amount of lethargy and carelessness will serve the purpose. Each duty has its own dimensions. It is quite natural that each duty has its own stress .No duty can be performed without its stress. The duty has to be performed with full attention. The superiors will check upon what we have done. If there is any mistake detected in our performance we will be taken to task by the superiors. If.we are assigned to a responsible task to perform ,we have to be bit careful and cautious about our duty. If it is a team job, we have to specify the role of all members in a team. All members should be motivated in such a way that no members commit any wrong while discharging their duties. If any member commits any mistake , the work will be damaged.. The onus of responsibility will lie upon the team leader. The situation becomes very tense. And the team leader will be put to stress. He has to ensure the participation of all members in the task. we have to ensure that all members of the team discharge their duties properly and diligently. If it is done properly , there will be no tension in the work. If it is not done ,we have to face the stressful situation.Proper motivation is the right way to guide all members of the team. When the assigned task is completed successfully ,credit should be given to all members of the team. The stress will be vanished from the mind..

How to create stress free working atmosphere.

Working atmosphere is always stressful. It is our duty to make it stress free with our own behavior, attitude and relations . If we are a man of amiable disposition , If our behavior towards our seniors and juniors are smooth and good .If our attitude towards the work is of serious view, and our relations with the superiors and juniors are good , no amount of tension will be surfaced in the working atmosphere. There will be no stress while discharging the duties. But as a team leader we will have to remain alert in every time. to solve the issues. It may so happen that all issues we are facing, will not be solved by our own efforts. We have to take the issues to the superiors for consultation. The superiors will solve it. But we should not ignore the issue and keep it under wrap of the table.


"Life is a challenge, you face it' Similarly work is also a challenge, we have to face it. Unless the challenge is faced, no fruitful result may come out. There should be no fear to handle the tricky matter. we have to be confident in tackling the situation. we need self confidence so that we can take care of our work. Thus we can become team leader of working team .The juniors will regard us like anything. The superiors will love us like their younger brothers. They will entrust us like anything to take responsibility of the more responsible work.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th Jul 2015 (#)

I have worked in few organizations, in few countries too. Also in public and private sectors.

It is tough to get an ideal work place. When the employees are nice the boss is usually unreasonable. Then few subordinates take advantage, become passengers, thus a burden.

With tact, one can manage but that itself does not cut much ice with few. Yes, it is a challenge all the time - siva

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author avatar pramalkumarsamanta
6th Jul 2015 (#)

Thanks for expressing frank views. Thank you very much.

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