Worst Hair Dye Mistakes for Women (and Men!)

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We all know that colouring your hair can go one way of two - RIGHT or WRONG! I offer a set of tips to avoid hair colour mistakes and how to get it right next time!

Know Yourself Before You Start

Home colour kits are on the rise - for men and women alike! Having previously dyed my hair mid- blonde, black, dark brown, auburn, red and purple I have first hand experience with such home dye boxes and have formulated a nack for picking the 'right' colours to suit me! Knowing yourself is key - is your skin tone 'warm' or 'cool'?

Warm Skinned= Those of us with golden, olive or dark skin, and often who have brown eyes.
Cool Skinned = Pale skinned people who burn easily and may tan, but it is a struggle! I definately fall into this category!

This is extremely important to know before you start, because you will know what tones and shades match your skin type.

What Colour To Pick

If you are a warm shade, stay away from peroxide blonde and jet black colours. They will only highlight the unnatural colour of your hair compared to your skintone! Stick to caramels, dark browns or if you are a little more daring, burgundies!
If you are a cool shade, stay away from 'dirty' blonde and auburn tones.

But remember; the more daring the colour, the more chance it should be coloured by professionals!

Don't Trust the Box

This is very important to keep in your head when choosing a colour. Gradual colouring is better than a risky leap from say, from a brunette to a blonde colour!
Colours on the box are a very weak indication of how the colour will develop and set on your hair - caution is key.
If you are unsure, stick to a shade only one or two tones lighter or darker than your hair colour!

Being Blonde - It's Not For Everyone!

Remember this - if you had blonde hair when you were a young child, the chances are that you can be blonde again! If not - then stay away from blonder tones.
It is not for everyone, and I know that my extremely pale complexion would be washed out if I started to go blonde instead of applying darker tones.

Don't Go Colour Crazy

Dye on top of dye on top of dye will be extremely damaging to your hair - it can often make hair straw-like, split the ends and prevent growth. Hair dye kits contain strong ammonias and peroxides - so frequently colouring your hair can prolong its recovery.

I have had the misfortune of dyeing my hair so much that the ends were lots darker than the roots - after all, the dye had been applied so many times that the ends refused to hold the new red colour I had chosen; red roots and black ends are only acceptable when it's Halloween...

My Hair Colour Has Gone Wrong!

Don't panic - go to a professional! They can strip the colour out in just a few minutes - I have tried doing this myself and trust me, it is a bad thing to do! Home stripping hair colour kits are extremely hazardous - often, I was left with large patches of my dyed colour and other patches with my natural colour. It was extremely emotional! So please, please, please go to a professional if you have a hair dye disaster like this!

There are some things even us mere humans cannot fix without a hairdresser!


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author avatar Denise O
27th Dec 2011 (#)

Great information on colouring your hair. As a mother of a hair stylist, I have to say, you give some good advice. Nice page. Congrats on the the star page, it is well deserved. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Olivia
3rd Jan 2012 (#)

Thank you very much Denise, I really appreciate your kind comment! :)

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author avatar simplyoj
16th Apr 2013 (#)

Welcome to Wikinut Olivia, thanks for these tips. This is an interesting post for women.

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