Would Baking Soda Make Teeth Whiter

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Want to make your teeth whiter without spending too much money? Then consider using baking soda as one of your option.

Would Baking Soda Make Teeth Whiter

Baking Soda as a Natural Cleaning Solution

Since then, baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) has been utilized by individuals across the world as a cleaning agent for a large number of usages. As a natural solution, baking soda is popular for its ability to clear paint, take away inorganic pesticides from fruits and vegetables, counteract scents from books and for several years, also applied unofficially as a tooth bleaching agent to make teeth whiter.

Lots of people who have experienced using baking soda to wash their teeth swear that this non-chemical formulation of teeth whitening performs like a phenomenon in terms of whitening their tarnished and stained tooth.

Beverages including coffee, wine, sodas, and also other reasons including cigarette smoking and gnawing tobacco can result in discolorations on the exterior layer of the teeth and that is the enamel, and what baking soda does is help clear away these stains by scrapping them off with its abrasive qualities (sodium bicarbonate) to make the teeth appear whiter and so make them reflect more light to look whiter.

To use baking soda as a tooth whitening solution, it is possible to mix it with some water and put it on directly to your toothbrush. Some people decide to combine it with a pinch of salt and some drops of white vinegar and brush with the bubbly mixture, followed by ordinary toothpaste. Outcomes can vary greatly based on how slight the stains are but most individuals frequently see effects during the initial one or two weeks.

Downsides of Baking Soda being a Teeth Whitener

Remember, there are specific drawbacks in utilizing baking soda as a tooth whitener as well. Though it may be safe to take in and is helpful in clearing away surface stains to make your teeth shine, one must realize that baking soda by itself will not lighten your teeth and neither can it clean out lots of different stains such as yellowish, grayish, or intensely tainted teeth. For such deep discolorations, an expert tooth whitening substance specifically developed to whiten teeth will be far more efficient.

Furthermore, baking soda by itself is made up of nutrients that are really harsh and if applied too frequently, can damage the covering of the teeth. Occasionally, you can totally harm the enamel and lead to tooth decay or tooth sensitivity.

Basically, baking soda is reasonable and can present an effective short-term natural home made teeth bleaching option to get rid of light discolorations and brighten your teeth. Nevertheless, one should also apply caution when counting on baking soda as the purely teeth bleaching formula.


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14th Mar 2011 (#)

Good precautions on soda!

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please could send me information on how to use baking soda to clean teeth and other uses. could you help me get the correct product?Do you have any other interesting products

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