Would one give this to a child?

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There is an excess in sugar production worldwide and they are using it to add it in foods that don't need any such as sausages or hamburgers.

Would one give this to a child?

As it has been analyzed, all of the shakes and fruit juices that are sold for children in supermarkets contain 42% or more sugar than we are allowed on a single day.
It's more of the same thing with all industrialized food sold in supermarkets. There is an excess of sugar production worldwide and manufacturers and companies are including this item in food that shouldn't have it at all such as industrialized meat produce. If they do include in such produce it goes without saying that they will in apparently innocent drinks that we are going to give to our children.
Would you hand one of these sweet juices or shakes to your child as an afternoon snack? I will definitely not. In fact, I would give him any industrialized food products no matter what their label says.


The worst thing that a parent can do is to hand its child a bar of chocolate, packet of biscuits or a fruit juice every time the angel gets into a tantrum nor to offer him them as a prize if he does this or that. There are many other things to offer for a child's good behaviour.
Depending on its age, we'll offer new clothing of its likes, an interesting reading book, a day out of its likes. The list of prizes for a child is endless. However, a parent isn't obliged to prize whatever the child does.
Don't just say NO, but explain him kindly and seriously why he can't have that.
A parent should know what to give to its child. If a parent cooks good and nutritious meals, but this child doesn't fancy what is on the plate, just tell him that this is what there is for lunch or evening meal without yelling or having an argument with him. If he doesn't it today, he'll have it when he is hungry.


Fruit juices and shakes are good and necessary for all the vitamins that contain, but these can't necessarily be from a supermarket pack that as we already know contain an excess of sugar and fresh fruit already have its own natural sugar.
One can stock oranges, lemons, grapefruits and squeeze some of them to make a whole glass of a healthy fruit juice. On the other hand, we don't have to feed our child with fruit juice at all times.
A child may like having hamburgers, but we don't have to buy the already prepared by a supermarket, because meat products also contain sugar as well as other additives. It's easy to make them with some mince that a butcher has minced for us and we can make them ourselves.
It's the same with biscuits and cakes. We don't need to have sugar, but we may fancy a cake, a bun or a biscuit, but these have to kept at bay. From time to time, we make them ourselves with good and healthy ingredients.
An early age child is someone that has a lot to learn and good food habits is a first knowledge and a parent is there to teach him and he'll acquire these healthy food habits if a parent has common sense and education and teaches him well.
It is not by chance that all of the food companies included sugar in all of their items even if these don't have to have it at all, but sugar and sweets are very much addictive and our brain is very greedy as far as sugar intake is concerned; the more one gives it, the more it wants.
Excess of sugar intake leads us to countless illnesses, particularly teeth decay and diabetes, so, one will be wise to keep sugar at bay.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
16th Apr 2016 (#)

Women of today are too lazy to cook and create fresh fruit juices for life.
But that said, if you love kids you would do it. I love my family although the same cannot be said about the father of my child who lives with a prostitute in Australia and provides her finances for sexual services but nothing in child support. So I live to provide for my child unlike many other working women.

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