Yoga For Weight Loss and Overall Health and Wellbeing

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Yoga has been practiced widely all over the world since centuries. There are various versions of Yoga in the world today that it is a boon for people looking for weight loss methods. Yoga is a form of exercise that can open up and tone your body; stretching all parts of your body from your head to toe. As you start and make Yoga a part of your everyday exercise regimen, you will realize that your entire life will take a turn for the better.

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Importance of Exercise in Weight Loss
What is Yoga and How Can You Use it in Weight Loss?
Integrating Yoga Into Your Weight Loss Plan
Beginner Yoga Poses for Weight Loss
Yoga Sequences for the Elderly

Importance of Exercise in Weight Loss

The importance of exercise when you are thinking of weight loss is impossible to neglect. The next best you can opt for is a diet and diets do not work in the long term. The odds are that you are looking for a lasting change in your weight and your appearance if you are thinking of serios weight loss. This is exactly why exercise is so important to be part of your weight loss program. Unforunately, people often look for the easy way out and there are no easy way out in weight loss. Therefore, the faster you understand that exercise is important in attaining and maintaining weight loss the faster you you will be successful in seeing results.

What is Yoga and How Can You Use it in Weight Loss?

Yoga is simple. It is so simple that you will be astonished when you see desired results. Yoga has basically three parts; Breathing techniques, postures and cleansing. While you can do the first two parts by yourself, it is always best to seek out a professional to facilitate the cleansing part of the program.

Breathing Exercise
As much as asanas (postures) are important in losing weight and toning your body, breathing exercises are equally important. Breathing exercises can help you meditate and gain more confidence. Also, practicing breathing techniques helps you to relate better with your inner self and increase your focus. This helps you in your weight loss by maintaining a focused mind and willing body.

Postures in Yoga varies from simple to extreme. As a beginner, you should start out with the simple postures and increase the hold on each posture before you attempt the moderate and then the extremes. As a start, you should be holding each posture for 10 seconds and increase by 5 seconds each time.

The are 7 ways Yoga can help in your weight loss mission

Integrating Yoga Into Your Weight Loss Plan

Yoga can be practised whenever you are ready. You could do this in the morning, evening or night. As long as you are comfortable, you can choose the timing of your Yoga practise. Some people argue that you should only do Yoga in the morning. Unless you are doing it for some spiritual or religious purpose, I feel you can do Yoga at anytime you feel the need to either meditate or open up your body.

To integrate Yoga into your daily lifestyle for weight loss, you need to have a plan. You should get yourself geared up for Yoga. Get yourself a Yoga Mat, a Towel and a comfortable place. If you are a music person. get a music player and some soothing music to go along with your routine. Keep a bottle of water ready and sip from time to time to help your body recuperate for further Yoga.

Now it is time to integrate your weight loss program and Yoga. Always remember that Yoga is going to be part of your life from the moment you start.

Beginner Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Beginner Yoga is quite simple. You will start with breathing exercises and then continue with postures such as Ardha Halasana, Ardha Naukasana and Naukasana. All three of these postures help to tone your core muscles.

Then, as a beginner, you should do Suryanamaskar aka Sun Salutation. Sun Salutation is a very flexible routine of combined postures that will work from your top to toe.

Sun Salutation will get you more perked up and by the time you finish, your body will start feeling like it has been fully opened up. This is the perfect time for you to start on your meditation. Meditation helps to cleanse your body and bring back balance into your body after the exercise.

Meditation should be followed by relaxation. This usually involves deep breathing and lying still in Shavasana posture for a good five minutes or more.

Yoga Sequences for the Elderly

Yoga can be practised by anyone; no bar on race, color, creed or even age. However, the degree of exercise will vary. Elderly are more prone to illnesses and injuries and as such, the Yoga sequences for the elderly need to be crafted well according to their health. As such, it is important that they get a clean bill of clearance from their GP's before they start on any form of Yoga. It is always best for the elderly to get a Yoga Instructor because they would preferably need a customized Yoga routine.


Yoga is a simple program that you can make part of your everyday life in order to lose weight, gain health, imporve flexibility and to improve the overall balance of your life. Yoga can be practised by anyone who is willing and able. There are many reading available online and offline on the different forms of Yoga. You should read up and draw up a fine yoga routine to follow in your daily life.

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