Yoga for Stress Management

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Are you stressed? Yoga may be the answer you are looking for. Peak inside for a glimpse of the pros and cons, the prices, and a few location comparisons in the Indianapolis area. I'm sure there are studios like these near you!

Welcome to yoga as an alternative stress management strategy.

Stress 101

Are you just like everyone else? Well, in case you’ve ever wondered, all people are not created equal. Some of us have better coping mechanisms. Others of us live in such tight knots of anticipation we’re like a spring waiting to be sprung.

We might spring by lashing out at loved ones, have anger or sleeping problems, be depressed, or worse than that become physically ill.

You can do something about this. You can take control of your life!

Pros of Yoga

Through a series of stretches, poses, and breathing exercises, yoga can lead to an inner calm which may help to lower blood pressure and heart rates. Yoga may even help alleviate depression.

Often there is a relief of many physical symptoms such as headaches, shortness of breath due to inactivity or improper breathing, general aches, and pain due to arthritis.

Yoga can also help you to sleep better. When you go to bed with a clearer mind, decreased tension, and improved respiratory patterns, you will naturally have less disruptive, more rejuvenating sleep. You are likely to find yourself waking up more refreshed as well.

Your flexibility and mobility exercises will help improve your stretch, stiffness, and range of motion. Even though some health conditions may prevent extreme yoga poses, there is some type of yoga activity for the majority of people.

A beautiful caveat to routine yoga practice is that you have an improved outlook on life, your own inner peace, and a sense of control over your life and destiny. Yoga helps you to establish confidence and a better self-image.

Cons of Yoga

There are not a lot of cons or downsides to yoga, but to counterbalance the pros it’s only right to mention the cons.

You may experience some soreness from the stretches and using muscles you are not used to using.

If you embarrass easily, you might be a bit self-conscious at first, but hang in there and soon you will feel so much better you won’t care.

The biggest con could be the cost. Dependent on how you learn and where you practice the cost could range from a few dollars to a substantial amount each month

Costs and other Yoga Info

Even though these costs are specific to the greater Indianapolis area, it will give you a general idea of what to expect and whether or not you need to shop around a little more wherever you live. Though not all are listed, here’s a good sample of what Indianapolis has to offer.

If you are looking for individual lessons, prices range from
$13 at Peace through Yoga to $18 at Shanti Yoga with many landing at the $15 price including All People, Breath In, and Mindful Movement.

At many studios you can buy classes in packages. These range from 5/$75 at Shanti Yoga to 20/$200 at Mindful Movement.

Finally, once you’ve found your particular yoga style you can save yourself a little money by signing up for a monthly auto-renewal program. These are offered by Breath In at $75, City Yoga at $99, and Invoke ties with Shanti Yoga at $115. Once you’ve become a yoga addict these really are your best deals because they are offer unlimited visits.

You can also check out Inner Peace, an excellent studio, voted the best on Indy’s A-List in 2007, 2008, and 2010.

Yoga wrap up

So do your mind and body a favor. Go visit one of these great establishments and begin your de-stressing experience today.

Just a few more tidbits so you are fully aware of what’s out there. Private lessons are available at several locations but cost more. Expiration on package deals range from short to long time spans. Family share and transferable packages are offered in some and not offered at others. Most offer student and senior discounts.

So bottom line is, go do it, but check out a few and find the best yoga studio for you.


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author avatar EmPeE
3rd Nov 2010 (#)

Every one of use should do this Yoga activity to enhance mental fitness.

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author avatar DK Jordan
3rd Nov 2010 (#)

Totally agreed EmPeE. Yoga can enhance mental, physical, and emotional well-being. There is no aspect of one's life than won't benefit from this practice.

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