You Don’t Really Need a Gym- Part 3

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Last part of my home fitness program specializing in flexibility and some final pieces of advice!


This will be the last part of the home workout articles I have been writing and I hope you have all been making good use of them. With practice and persistence you will be able to create an extremely effective home workout without the need to pay huge gym fees. You will spend more time doing your workouts outside in the sunshine which means a little color in your skin and vitamin D. Vitamin D is manufactured in the skin, in the presence of sunshine and this will mean stronger bones for you.

Flexibility Training

The final part of any workout is your flexibility training and usually I like static stretching because it is not only a safe methodology, but also makes a perfect warm down after a good workout. Static stretching is simply assuming a position that will stretch the targeted muscle group and holding it gently for at least 30 seconds. The reason for the specific timeframe of 30 seconds is because of the stretch reflex. Basically this occurs when one first starts a stretch and the Spindle motor neuron inside the muscle tissue responds by contracting the muscle in order to prevent injury in said muscle. However when one persists with the stretch past 15 seconds then the Golgi motor neuron, located inside the tendon (the tendon is the connective tissue connecting the muscle tissue to the bone) is stimulated. This stimulation of the Golgi motor neuron blocks the stimulation of the Spindle motor neuron thus relaxing the muscle. So whatever muscle group you want to stretch, the actual methods you use or position you take to stretch said group are quite vast, limited only by your range of movement and imagination. What you must however do is hold the stretch gently and persistently for at least 30 seconds and you will achieve a flexible and loose body. This will prevent long term injury and bless your body with more efficient range of movement.


Well there you have it; a complete workout that one can do at home and which will be just as effective as going to a gym; a piece of advice though. Do not, I repeat, do not focus on the end result! Make the work, the actual workout session your source of pleasure. Yes with persistence you can make it a pleasure, a pleasure that is as satisfying and fulfilling as sex or food. The only people telling you that exercise is a painful experience are those greedy swine that try to sell you some product that says you can lose weight in your sleep or watching television. It does not work that way; you need to eat healthy, natural, high fiber, low fat foods and move or get some form of physical activity. I am not a dietician but for further information on nutritional facts that I personally have found work best are those put forward by Dr. Patrick Holford. Check out his webpage and read his book, the ‘Holford Diet’ for some sound, effective long term nutritional advice.


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