Young adults- age 18-35: disorders

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The eighteen to thirty-five age group is at a stage of physical and psychological development that should be full of enthusiasm and vitality, characteristic of young adult life.

Stress in Youth

It is also a time in which the individual should begin to think in terms of preventive medicine , and of having regular checkups and discussions with a physician, especially when symptoms occur, however trivial. If a physician is fully informed about an individual’s general health and previous medical history, then he or she can be alert to sign of impending disorders or disease.

The health of marriage , or a close sexual and emotional relationship, is an aspect that a physician has to consider carefully, when assessing the patient’s overall health.

Problems in sexual and emotional relationship sometimes give rise to physical, psychosomatic or psychological symptoms. These underlying problems, as well as the specific disorders about which the patient complains,have to be diagnosed and treated if the patient is to feel and remain basically healthy.

A common cause of marital discord is that the husband, or the wife, or both, have unrealistic expectations of each other. A physician may suspect this situation in the life of patient who develops symptoms such as headache, backache or abdominal pain. It may become clear on investigation that the symptoms are caused by a psychological disorder.

Psychologically based diseases and disorders are not deliberately made up by the patient, but are unconscious expression of a need to avoid conflict in situations that may be otherwise impossible. For this reason, such patients require prompt medical diagnosis and careful management.

It may be necessary for the physician to the patient psychological support until he or she can solve the problem alone. When a solution is achieved, the symptoms usually disappear.

Many young adults take part in energetic and sometimes dangerous sports and, as a result,are particularly likely to suffer accidents and sports injuries. Common among these injuries to the fingers, such as mallet (baseball) finger, to the knee, and to the wrist and elbow. Exercise, such as long-distance running, can result in orthopedic problems, such as stress fractures or heel pain.

The development of the early signs of pregnancy, for example an absence of periods, causes all women in some concern. If the pregnancy is welcomed, the woman will be pleased, but if a child is not wanted, the mother is more likely to be anxious.

Although regular health care is not usually so important at this age at it is in childhood and later in life, any symptoms of ill health should discussed with a physician, particularly if they cause anxiety, or continue for more than a few days.

Circulation problems, apart from fainting, are rare in this age group. The first signs of chest problems are usually attacks of acute bronchitis. In same cases, the recurrent cough in results in the condition. Childhood asthma and hay forever tend to improve between the ages of twenty or thirty.

Sexual intercourse is important to many young adults and there is some likelihood that psychological problems will arise. Disorders related to sexual activity are also relatively common. Among the disorders that may occur in women may cause sexual intercourse to be painful. Infections that may be passed on by sexual contact include urinary tract problems and the venereal diseases.

Gastrointestinal problems affecting this age group include appendicitis and ulcerative colitis. Usually, only the first symptoms of ulcerative colitis occur early in adult life. Infectious hepatitis may develop, and occurs most commonly in local epidemics. Cancer in any forms is rare.

Increasing deafness is most likely to be due to recurring infections. Eye problems, other than those requiring glasses, are uncommon.

Recurrent boils on the lower part of the back may occur, and if these develop in the cleft between the buttocks, they may be a symptom of a sinus. Such boils are painful, but not serious if is correctly treated.

The only neurological problem that may be common in young adults is migraine. Psychological problems that develop may be partly biochemical.

Health care checklist

Annual checkups by a physician are sensible precautions to take against the development of diseases or disorders.

Developing the habits of taking regular exercise, preventing obesity, and avoiding an excessive intake of either alcohol or food, will do much to maintain good health. Even more important is the need to stop smoking is most likely to became a habit. The first step toward ensuring good health în the years ahead is to stop smoking as young as possible.

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