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We age as we add years to our life. The age shows up first as wrinkles on our face... tension and anxiety are siblings of age and speed up the aging process by adding frown lines to the wrinkles!

Forever Young!

We age as we add years to our life. The age shows up first as wrinkles on our face... tension and anxiety are siblings of age and speed up the aging process by adding frown lines to the wrinkles!

Throughout history, human beings have made every effort possible to find ways of rejuvenating the body, especially the face, which is a clear indicator of how young or youthful we look. Solutions have been invented and discovered by painful, time-taking, expensive and experimental research and several times by luck, chance and accident.

Go to a dermatologist or a beautician in any day spa or med spa, especially Los Angeles spas that are considered as Hollywood's haunts for restoration of beauty. They do restore the youthfulness that is characteristic of beauty by simultaneously using a range of tools. In fact, the nature of spa treatments applied for taking away the wrinkles or frown lines from your face requires specialists who are trained in medicine. Enter day spas medical that employ specialist Doctors and trained medical staff in supervising and administering facial rejuvenation treatments to clients.

Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood spas is also famous for medi spas offering such services.

These day spas in LA also offer different types of massages. Massage spas offer couples massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, prenatal massage and hot stone massage supplemented by application of various skincare products.

Beauty clinics and Spas provide an armory of services to make you look younger when you are older! Botox injections are quite popular. These injections are derived from one type of botulinum toxin. This is a neuromuscular toxin produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium. In a pure state, this toxin can be lethal; however, it is diluted for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes and fights aging process. It is an effective solution to smoothen frown lines and wrinkles on forehead, between eyes and base of the nose. Viola! Anti-aging agent!

Juvederm and restylane are facial fillers that soften deep folds and have the effect of reducing "smile lines," creases of skin around corners of nose and mouth and also wrinkles on faces. Both juvederm and restylane are hyaluronic acid facial fillers and are eventually absorbed by the body. As a result, repeat injections may be required at regular intervals of 6 months. These are effective in filling up facial hollows and orbital troughs with a fast recovery time spanning a few days.

Complementing facial fillers is photofacial, a procedure treating rosacea, hyper pigmentation, and many more. Even better, it lasts less than an hour. It is a facial skin care treatment intended to rejuvenate skin damaged through harmful effects of our Sun. Rosacea can also be effectively treated with photofacial which transforms red, blotchy skin into a radiant complexion.

These treatments may not make sense if one is affected by spider veins or varicose veins. Hence, vein removal is also offered as a cosmetic solution by med spas. Specific treatments will depend on age, tolerance to medication, overall health, and extent of the condition and preferences of the clients.

In summary, the range of solutions available in the market, to make you look younger, are numerous.


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