Younger kids in the classroom being diagnosed with ADHD

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There seems to be a trend where younger children in classrooms who are simply immature are being diagnosed with Attention deficit disorder (ADHD)

Smart School aged Kids

Startling news has come out of Canada which will alarm Montreal parents. Montreal parents are very competitive. They want their children in the best schools and they want their children to enter school earlier and earlier, despite the Quebec laws. Although it is great to say, “my child is only 5-years-old and already in the first grade,” it now seems this feat may come with a consequence never before expected.

Struggling to keep up

There have been studies from several disciplines indicating that younger children struggle to keep up with their older peers in the classroom. They are also singled out as less likely to be chosen by their peers for sports teams and so on. One researcher, Malcolm Galdwell calls this the "relative-age effect."

The children born in November and December are the most effected but that will affect any child who gets in before the cut off in Quebec education law. My son was one such child; his was born in September so he started school earlier than his peers.

These children often appear to be slower at learning however, it is also a maturity factor because they are close to a year younger than most of the kids in their classroom. Not only are these kids singled out by their own maturity and the alienation from their peers, they are now victimized by the education system. According to the Canadian study, boys born before January of a given year were 39% more likely to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, whereas girls born in the time frame were 70% more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD.

ADHD misdiagnosis

The head researcher, Richard Morrow states that,

"The lack of maturity of some children is sometimes being mistaken as a neurobehavioural disorder like ADHD, and that is raising questions about overdiagnosis and overtreatment,"

Montreal parents do not want their children diagnosed with ADHD unnecessarily and they certain do not want them on medication they really don’t need.

Marrow warns Montrealers and all Canadians that there are a lot of misdiagnoses for ADHD and the medication for it has side effects such as sleep, heart, and growth problems. It really is scary.

Besides the physical ill effects there are the psychological ill effects; the kids are often treated differently by teachers and parents alike. This in turn affects their self-esteem, and can lead to issues like poor performance in school and bad behavior.

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author avatar brendamarie
14th Oct 2015 (#)

Carol, I love this series of article about childhood disorders. Thank you for bringing attention to them,

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
14th Oct 2015 (#)

My two boys have ADHD and are very smart one is to become a Physics and Math major and the other is a Bachelor in Science but beleive me in elementary school teachers were so inept and always complaining, in The States we had to deal with a lot of stupidity from them.

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author avatar Carol Roach
14th Oct 2015 (#)

yes I completely understand here too

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author avatar Retired
14th Oct 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing this

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author avatar Retired
14th Oct 2015 (#)

Many kids with ADHD are exceptionally smart-above average. They need equally smart teachers to be able to treat them the right way. Maybe there is a course they need to take.

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author avatar Retired
14th Oct 2015 (#)

Also, lets not forget there are many types of intelligence...math intelligence, emotional intelligence, communucation intelligence. When one is missing others make up for it.

Teacher need to be trained well to be able to deal with any kind of problem that arises in the classroom. Sadly many of them are not trained well enough or bring their own personal issues in the classroom.

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author avatar Kingwell
15th Oct 2015 (#)

Good share. Blessings.

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