Your position in the family can determine your personality

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Studies have shown that the birth order of siblings can affect their personalities. However, the research was not done on girls or large families.

Birth order

Did you know that your birth order can affect your personality? Studies have shown that Montreal parents, parents from the rest of Canada, and the USA, tend to want their firstborns to have high status jobs such as lawyers and doctors; but, they relax on the choices for other siblings. The coaching we get concerning job, affects our achievement and self-esteem.

The position of first born is very much geared towards high achievers. For example, most Montrealers do not know that 21 out the 23 first astronauts in space were first born children.

In a study looking at the birth place order of CEO’s it was found that 43 percent of them were firstborn children, 33 percent were middle born and 23 percent were the youngest children in their family.

Which child is likely to try skydiving?

On the other hand, the youngest sibling in the family may be the one to engage in more reckless behavior such has dangerous sports including sky diving, motor cycle racing, sky jumping, and even football.

Or these children are less likely to venture outside on their own because of overly protective Montreal parents.

According to a survey taken in a high school, the younger siblings said they were more sentimental and were less judgmental than their older siblings.

The same survey reinforced the studies on firstborns who were geared towards being high achievers as this survey indicated these students rated themselves as being perfectionists.

However, studies show that younger children get better grades. This is because they are mentored by the older siblings; they have watched how their older siblings overcome challenges and learn from them.

Large families

Strangely, the very first studies on birth order never included females.

Nevertheless, Montrealers need to know that these studies; especially the earliest ones which did not account for the size of the family. Most of the studies analyzed firstborns, middle children and then the youngest children. If families were bigger say a family of six or 12, they were not included. Larger families will certainly have different impact upon the personality of the children within them.

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author avatar brendamarie
6th Dec 2015 (#)

Carol, this was very interesting to me. I am the youngest of seven children on my father's part and three on my mother's.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
7th Dec 2015 (#)

Lonely child!

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author avatar spirited
7th Dec 2015 (#)

Personality is partly determined by birth order?

I guess there is probably something in that.

I wonder if the first child is usually more extroverted than some of those under them.

The oldest in my family is an extrovert, whereas I the second am an introvert.

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author avatar Carol Roach
7th Dec 2015 (#)

yes because part of who we are is fashioned by the environment which is family, and the outside world. Yes first children who be more extroverted generally speaking but remember nothing is cast in stone and it could be the other way around.

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