Zapping kills microbes with mild, safe electric pulse, study shows

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This article is about microbe killing zapper, as developed by Dr. Hulda Clark. It also features a study carried out to test the effectiveness of the equipment.

Do Parazapper-Hulda Clark Zappers Work?

ParaZapper is one of the equipment that has incorporated technology in killing microbes. When Hulda Clark introduced zappers in the market approximately 20 years ago, there were a lot of criticisms on the efficiency and reliability of this device. However, the studies that have been carried out on these devices, especially by Dr. Robert Thiel, shows that the device is very effective in killing microbes in a safe and cost effective way.

Some of the incredible features that are possessed by ParaZapper, Hulda Clark Zapper, which are rare to be found in other medical devices include:
Frequencies: there are different types of ParaZapper units with each having its own set of frequencies. The different frequencies are aimed at meeting varied needs of users. For instance, there are ParaZapper units with 2, 9, 23, 31, 41, and 80 frequencies which also come in different ranges.

Battery life: ParaZapper products have long lasting batteries that will last for the many zapping sessions. They also have red low battery indicator that alerts you when the battery gets low.

Instruction manual: ParaZapper comes with a unit specific operation manual to clarify operation of the unit, but does not contain any instructions for use on humans or animals or for curing or healing. This is due to U.S. government regulations. A book / instruction manual is sold separately but it is worth the buyer’s investment. It will help you understand the product better and obtain effective results.

Safe electric pulses: ParaZapper units have been perfectly designed to prevent any negative effect on the users. These products kill microbes by releasing electric pulses into the body system via the skin. The ParaZapper does not release any toxic chemicals into the body and therefore there are no harmful threats to the user.

Warranty: Hulda Clark Zapper units come with 5-year parts and labor warranty plus a 30-day money back guarantee. This is basically the confidence that the manufacturers of Hulda Clark Zapper have in their products.

There have been various studies conducted to establish the efficiency of Zapper in killing parasites. One of these studies is the one which was carried by Dr. Robert Thiel on a group of people who used Hulda Clark Zapper. According to this study, Dr. Robert discovered that 97.6% of the Hulda Clark Zapper users showed some improvement while 48.2% of the group indicted substantial symptomatic improvement. On the other hand, 61.3% of the group that did not use Hulda Clark Zapper showed some improvement while only 12.9% of the non-user group recorded significant improvement. From these results, it was clearly discovered that Hulda Clark Zapper has a positive effect in killing parasites. The result turned a new page in the popularity of Hulda Clark Zapper. ParaZapper continues to research and find ways to improve zappers and zapping. This and other relevant studies can be found at .


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