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never heard this but found it quite good to read and learn about


What is achalasia?
At first it may only cause a minor problem, and often goes unnoticed. However, over time someone with achalasia finds it increasingly difficult to swallow food and liquid. This is because the muscles in the oesophagus become rigid, preventing food from entering the body.
Treatment and recovery
A chest X-ray or a barium meal may suggest the diagnosis. This is usually confirmed during endoscopy, when a fibre-optic camera is used to look inside the gullet and stomach.

Initially, symptoms can be improved temporarily by dilating the narrowed part of the gullet to allow food to pass more easily. This can be achieved by inflating a small balloon in the narrowed section to stretch it.

Performing an operation in which the muscle is surgically cut to prevent further obstruction can treat most cases of achalasia. This operation is called a myotomy and its success rate is 85 to 95 per cent.



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