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Have you ever imagine that there are positive benefits behind a gorilla snot? disgusted, Maybe it was our first reaction when touched on a lot of snot that usually contain a virus. However, from the bizarre though it can produce beauty products if you didn't know

10 Most Odd Cosmetic Products

Innovation development of cosmetic products may be spelled the same onslaught with developments in fashion and food. Various studies were conducted only for searching and finding new materials what more can be empowered to make someone look better. Ranging from chocolate, tea, coffee, even gold has been used to make skin look better and healthier.

But the dirt? Will you take the risk of using animal manure as a lotion to soften a face? At least this is material that is offered by one of the few products below. Not only dirt, from a variety of other natural materials too, created various products .... pretty weird. What are they? Let's look together.

Hair care style bull sperm

Believe it or not hair care with bull semen is quite favored some grand salon in the UK. Materials consist of a combination product Angus bull sperm and plant roots called katera. Both materials are rich in protein content and is believed to moisturize the hair shaft. Hair Care with this cow sperm labeled average price of U.S. $ 100

Pil feces odor-free

After use for 3 days, the Japanese innovation pill is promising the wearer will be free of dirt smell. Colors Magazine reported as many as 600 thousand bottles sold out within the first 6 months of launch.

Gorilla snot hair gel

In Mexico, gorilla snot that usually makes people feel disgust was greatly appreciated. Used as hair gel, 'Moco de Gorila' made by NISA
Snot who can make the hair stiff is usually sold with the label average of U.S. $ 7.49 per fruit.

Nipple lightening creams ...

This one product can moisturize the nipples, making him look pink and fresh. With a blend of natural herbal ingredients, these products are also able to brighten the dark spots so skin appears brighter. Vitamin E, squalene, and allantoin were added to make the skin more smooth and supple.

Vagina hair polish

Special dye hair area Miss V was launched by a woman named Nancy Jarecki. Nancy thought why not make a coloring product that can make hair look above and below the matching. This product is available in 5 colors, ie brown, black, blond, reddish brown, and pink.

Facial bird droppings

If any dirt is usually always end up in the trash, it is not the case with bird droppings on this one. Guanine enzyme found in the droppings of the nightingale is one material that can be trusted to make the skin look brighter and remove the black stain on the face due to pollution. The geisha in Japan has been using previously sterilized dirt earlier this since the 18 th century ago. One of the facial fan this is Victoria Beckham.

Lip gloss flavor cheese

Created in New York, lip gloss is made with the taste of cheese. Hmm ...

Waxing coquettish to Miss V

This product is made with 4 printed form hairstyle according to taste. By using hot wax, hair in the area Miss V can be styled as desired. Select the desired mold shape and then apply wax. Four heart-shaped mold that is provided, bolts, strips, and triangle. This product also comes with 140 grams of candle wax scented mango and peach, sticks, Soothing, and finishing equipment. Plus, course manual.

Sunblock nails

Not only the skin, hair, or lips that need protection sunblock, but no less manjanya nails. Qnc Labs manufactures sunblock to nail women. This product is designed to keep your nails appear white and not yellow due to solar radiation.

Make up Twlight

Could be used in the movie TWLIGHT, BLUE MOON, cosmetic products from DuWop can make a person dressed vampires.

Are you interested in wearing one cosmetic product above? Or, review the above even inspire you to create their own cosmetic innovation? If potent and healthy, why not?


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