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a little bit of care and attention to your teeth will go a long way in helping you preserve your pearly i put forth some of the dos and don'ts for a good teeth.


1.drink plenty of water daily,
2.consume fibre rich diet raw foods,which helps to massage the gums and cleans the teeth.
3.raw foods also helps to increase the salivation,which neutralizes the acids and alkalis within the mouth. protein rich foods.
5.nuts which are rich in calcium,magnesium and phosphates these are the important nutrients for dental health.
6.nuts such as cashews,peanuts,almonds and walnuts are healthy for teeth.
7.cereal products helps a lot in framing a good long lasting teeth
8.after eating citrus fruits or juices one should rinse their mouth with water,as the acid present in them can weaken enamel. should brush their teeth after eating.


1.drinking frequent cups of coffee or tea with sugar added will increase the risk of teeth decay.
2.sugars acts like enemy to the teeth.
3.biscuits,potatoes chips,lollies,sweet brealfast cereals,cakes,muesli bars and other sweet foods are not healthy as snacks because people don't clean their teeth after rvey snack,which slowly and slowly acts like poison to the teeth.
4.people eating meats should take better care of their teeth,if the stuck meat fibres are left overnight without cleaning,the fibres may putrify and release an acid which acts on the tooth causing decay.
5.drinks such as colas,sports drinks,juices they don't stick to the mouth but are highly acidic.
6.sipping soft drinks or sports drinks every few minutes is hazardous,it is better to drink in one go and than rinse the mouth with plain water in order to remove the acids residing.
7.don't brush the teeth after a soft drink,as it can damage the tooth enamel due to etching.


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