green tea and black tea, which one do you prefer?

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Do you like tea? Which one do you prefer, green tea or black tea? What are their benefits?Which one is better for our health? Here I wrote tea benefits to our health, comparing between green tea and black tea.

About tea

Tea is one of people favorite's beverages. Some people like coffee, other prefer tea. There are several kind of tea, black tea, green tea and oolong tea. Drink a cup of tea in the morning or evening cold make your day feels better. It has special taste for every kind of tea, more delicious if you add sugar or milk, hot or cold as you wish.

the difference between green tea and black tea

Green tea, black tea and white tea only differs in their processing method. All kind of tea came from the same plant, leaves of plant Camellia sinensis. Green tea leaves are not fermented, meanwhile black tea and oolong tea undergo fermentation process. This processing method affects to their polyphenols levels. is Both green and black tea has eight to ten time polyphenols levels higher than in fruits or vegetables.

polyphenols in tea

Polyphenol has effects as antioxidant . It can help reduce low level of LDL, cardiovascular disease, reduce body weight, prevent cancer. Tea also effective in treating diarrhea, all you have to do is drink a cup of hot thick tea without sugar and soon you will feel better. Tea also contain cafffeine called theine. Caffeines level in tea is lower than in coffee. It has various amount levels in all kind of tea. Black tea has the highest level of caffeine, it related to the fermentation process. Oolong tea contain caffeine lower than black coffee but higher than green tea. Actually caffeine levels is also related in how long it's brewed.

Polyphenols in green tea also known as catechin or EGCG. Some research said, polyphenols levels in green tea higher than in black tea, it's more efficient as atioxidant, thus green tea is better than black tea. This is because of the processing method of green tea, without fermentation and as the result polyphenols level is higher.
Therefore other research said (
), that both of black tea and green tea had identical amount of polyphenols which means not only green tea but also black tea has good effect to our health. In this research, during fermentation process that converse catechin to teaflavins in making black tea, doesn't affect significant to teaflavins activity as antioxidant. Thus, teaflavins in black tea has significant potency as antioxidant as catechins in green tea.

I believe all of these information confused you. But, we need to read carefully their report so we do not make a false conclusion. It is true in the research which is said polyphenol in green tea higher than in black tea, but it also wrote that black tea contain oxidized phenolic compounds higher than green tea, this compounds is teaflavins.

Thus, it can be concluded that both green tea and black tea contain polyphenols higher than in vegetables or fruits. Polyphenols in green tea is catechins and in black tea is teaflavins. Catechins in green tea is higher than in black tea, because of fermentation processing. However, black tea contain teaflavins higher than green tea, this polyphenols has similar potency as antioxidant. Therefore, both of green and black tea has same potency as antioxidant. No matter which kind of tea do you prefer, all of them contain antioxidants which is good to your body.

side effects of tea

However, we must know that overconsumption of tea could cause adverse effects to our health. First, because it's caffeine. Although it's levels lower than in coffee, it still has the same effect as caffeine in coffee in our body. It is also important to control concomitant tea consumption and some drugs, because It has diuretic effects. Caffeine in tea also could increase heart rhythm. Some person need to notice and control their consumption, such as pregnant women, patient with renal failure.


As conclusion, tea consumption has benefits to our health, no matter kind of tea. Because both of green tea and black tea contains high levels of polyphenols that act as antioxidant, in green tea it called catechins and in black tea it called teaflavins.
We also must control our consumption, maybe one or two cup a day is enough, because it has side effects.


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Green or black, I love them both.

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