how to stay awake while driving?

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Know how to drive safely even when you are sleepy. Thes tips will help you stay safe and drive safer.

Know how to drive safely even when you are sleepy.

Some people just love driving. In fact, I have a few friends who have made their cars a mini home for themselves. They love to drive out crazily and go on long trips with friends in their machines. But we also know that you have t be careful when driving. Though it is advisable not to drive when you are tired or sleepy, there might be times when you are damn sleepy but you have no option but to drive. In such a case, you should take care of the following things to avoid mishaps.

1. Turn on the music. Choose hip-hops or fast songs over slow numbers. This way you can enjoy your drive. But be careful not to get it too loud or drive rashly. Sing with it and stay awake!

2. Keep your car clean and air conditioned. An uncomfortable car will make you worse specially if it’s summer time. If you think cold environ inside the car can make you feel more lazy and you might fall asleep, think the other way. You might want to use the washroom more often which will keep you awake and give an opportunity to wash your face often.

3. Take breaks. Stop over a shop or a beautiful view and just walk for sometime. This will bring freshness to the body.

4. You could even stop at restaurants and eat or drink. You just want to do something that will keep your body active all the time. Keep on snacking small food items.

5. If you have others in the car, keep interacting.

6. Keep wet tissues in your car and use them when you feel sleepy.

So, the nest time you feel sleepy and still driving, follow these tips and have a safe journey. Again, I would say that it is better not to drive when sleepy but if it gets over you and none of the tips above mentioned works for you, stop somewhere and take a short snooze.


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