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Tinnitus it is quite an irritating feeling. we have the urge to just get it over with as soon as we can without having to go through many trips to the doctor.if you were looking for tips on how to treat this ailment at home, then look no further, here are some of the tips


This is a condition where one hears noises in their ears when there is no outside source of noise. the noise can be soft or loud depending on different patients. the noises perceived can be ringing sounds,blowing, buzzing, hissing, humming, whistling, or sizzling sounds

Home remedies for treating Tinnitus

While at home you can treat this ailment by yourself, applying either of the following steps that I have highlighted below

Reduce or if possible quit drinking alcohol and caffeinated drinks, this is because caffeine reduces the flow of blood to the head, neck and ears constricting capillaries and other small blood vessels this will eventually result to increased intensity of tinnitus condition.

Regular exercise- regular exercise increases blood flow to the vessels of the ears and hence reducing the intensity of tinnitus.

Gingko biloba has also proved to be a remedy-this is because it helps in increase of blood flow to the body organs in addition to reduction of blood vessel inflammation, this leads to improved blood circulation to the capillaries feeding the nerves surrounding the ear, this will in turn reduce the intensity of tinnitus

Frequent consumption of pineapple will also relieve this condition- pineapple reduces inflammation in the ears and also improves blood circulation

Massaging your ears before going to sleep can help in curing this condition, massaging will help in improving the blood circulation around the ears as this condition is mainly caused by improper blood circulation

Furthermore putting saline solution in your ear is another additional remedy; saline solution will drain the noise around the ear and help in the healing process. In addition you can put holy basil juice in your ear for five to six days continuously. This is a quite effective remedy to tinnitus condition

Onion juice has also proved to be quite effective in curing tinnitus condition. Extract the onion juice and apply a few drops in your ears

Include sea vegetables and garlic in your diet

melatonin- this is a substance produced by the brain that helps one to sleep soundly, however this substance is now available commercially. Tinnitus may also result due to lack of better sleep and hence melatonin will help one to have a sound sleep and in the event cure the condition

Reduce your consumption level of salt if possible avoid it completely, salt is a very important food additive, however it has a high risk on our health. It increases blood pressure a condition which may lead to increased tinnitus intensity.

Using zinc supplements;zinc supplements can be obtained in numerous stores. It is believed that tinnitus may be caused by zinc deficiency hence consumption of zinc rich foods and other supplements can help in curing the condition

Tinnitus may be also caused by buildup of wax in ones ears, cleaning of your ears will go along way as far as helping in the healing process of the condition is concerned

Tinnitus treatment for pregnant mothers

Tinnitus can be caused by stress and anxiety especially in pregnant women, practicing some relaxation techniques such as yoga will help in reducing the intensity of tinnitus

Furthermore due to hormonal changes as well as vitamin deficiency can lead to some pregnant women to develop this condition,prenatal supplements can greatly help in this condition


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