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Loss is a normal problem that occurs in humans. Generally everyone is losing about 100 hairs per day. Loss occurs is not without reason.

This is What You Make Hair Loss

Here are some things you should know about the causes of hair loss.

Common Cause

Generally, hair loss due to aging of the hair itself, which has been exhausted. Then, after six months of hair loss will be replaced with new hair. In addition, your daily activities such as shampooing, use a hair dryer, as well as combing hair can also be a factor of hair loss. Not only that, the age factor also contribute to the cause of hair loss.

Heredity Factor

Hereditary factors are also believed to cause hair loss. Many young people can suffer from premature baldness due to genetic problem that causes no new hair can grow to replace hair loss. Furthermore, other factors such as gender, age, and hormones also influences. The study says that men are more prone to hair loss caused by hormone testosterone has.


Excessive emotion and pressure experienced during stress can cause your hair loss. This loss is classified into two types. The first is telogen effluvium, in which the loss of this type of hair stops growing for up to three months. New hair that replaces the new hair loss will grow about six to nine months later. The second is alopecia areata where the hair loss little by little but it can spread until the entire scalp.

Treatment Effects

There are several drugs in medicine that have side effects on hair. Some drugs such as chemotherapy and birth control pills. If you are experiencing hair loss due to these drugs you should consult your doctor.

Loss can indeed be so terrible if excessive. Therefore, you should start now impose a healthy lifestyle or do more maintenance on your hair before it's too late. Is not prevention better than cure?



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24th Mar 2011 (#)

I often experience this and I so hate specially when I see my hairs on the floor. It is such a mess. I know it is because of stress. Well, I guess I have to relax a bit. Thanks for sharing!

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yup no problem susan..nice to know you.. :D

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