obesity or diabetes control measures

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Religion and science the planet - Star are time- based. That is why the scriptures associated with the lives of these good times - bad influences many fluctuation bring are also considered.

Tips to avoid diabetes and liver disease

Especially mythology navagrahas individually format, revered as the god of powers by telling the owner is shown.
This link is Brihsptih, Devguru as well as knowledge, health, good luck and good planets are known to the owner. According to the scriptures, horoscope astrology yoga guru's good or bad, success or failure with education and business - due to bad health.
Jupiter is believed that the worship of the Guru Mantra on Thursday after the utter diabetes, liver disease such as jaundice, intestinal -related diseases, appendix, hernia, ear disease, obesity and Vata diseases and relief is going to benefit. Here, the simple method of worship Guru Guru Mantra Vedic with special curative measures -
- Possible during sunrise or after morning bath Navagraha Temple or the Temple of the Sun yellow sandalwood , yellow flowers , incense and worship Deep below the unmistakable yellow seat on the dais chanting of mantras to render all possible . If there is a problem reading from a qualified Brahmin chanting the mantra is auspicious to be made.
'Om br̥haspatē̕ti yadaryō ar'hādyumadvibhāti kratumajjanēṣu.
Yaddīdayacchavasē r̥tu prajāta tadasmāsu draviṇaṁ dēhi corm...The mantra from the Brahmin scholar or counseling to render all possible fire, which is good to the use of incense associated with the disease .

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