what are the risks if the baby is 2 months in the given solid food?

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there are some frequently asked questions that are important to be known by the mothers to their babies stay healthy without remorse made ​​as a result of taking actions.

food that should be given to children aged 0-6 months

- I want to ask what the danger to infants who are already in the feed when the age of 2 months?

- The baby's first solid food know at the age of 4 months, before 4 months can only consume liquids.

- Solid food at the age of 4 months are: porridge, milk porridge, porridge that is already in the blender. This means that at the age of 4 months is still a baby's first solid foods should not be mushy really hard because the baby is still very smooth digestion.

- Age 8 months, your baby can eat porridge without the filter or in a blender, it may be eaten plain porridge.

- Age 12 months or 1 year new baby should not eat rice. Because of the age of the baby's gut is ready, if imposed before he was going to damage the baby's digestion.

Another answer:

Sorry if I judge the actions you do with food other than breast milk to the infant is age 2 Months Less Right.

That his reasons:

1. At 2 months of age infants Digestive System is still very sensitive to any type of food that goes into it.

2. Infants until age 6 months is given as well as exclusive breastfeeding and after more than 6 months should be given new Complementary feeding breast milk plus

3. Effects caused by foods other than breast milk varies in its ordinary and every baby is usually most frequent loose stools / diarrhea or even be a Difficult defecation, but hopefully mother to child is not the case

My suggestions:

1. Let that has happened and after you know the risks of food other than breast milk to infants aged 2 months then yesterday's action not to happen again

2, Provide Exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months


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